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Trip.Best Top 5 Activities in Dubai [2024]

Immerse yourself in the local culture and charm during your travel
Updated Jul 2024
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    "It's a half day trip. The car will pick you up at your hotel around 2-3 p.m. The first place you'll be taken is an ATV ride (you have to pay), and if you're not interested you'll have to wait an hour and then drive to the desert, Afterwards, you'll ride a camel while the staff cleans up the car and take you to a campsite for a show and dinner. When you arrive, a staff will ask you if you would like to upgrade to a premium camp. There will be unlimited drinks, food, and activities (50 AED/P)"
    36.7km from downtown
    No. 7 of Best Things to Do
    Highlights: Dubai is a city built in the desert and has turned the endless sea of sand into a tourist’s paradise. Traversing waves of sand in a dune buggy is a unique experience visitors cannot miss on a trip to Dubai. The activity is usually scheduled to take place at sunset when the temperature in the desert begins to drop. Visitors can off road through undulating sand dunes, experiencing the speed and weightlessness of daring jumps. Evenings offer a taste of Arabian barbecue and belly dance performances in a tent set up on the sand.
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    "I booked for 12 minutes, and I think the experience is really enough. The general process is to wait in the lobby. First, there are staff to register their passports. You also need to go to the room to watch the video of the precautions. There is a Mandarin version. Before getting on board, it will weigh to arrange where you sit on the plane. There are also free storage cabinets..."
    Dubai.Palm Jumeirah
    17.5km from downtown
    Highlights: Fly around the sky in a luxurious helicopter like the rich and famous. Explore Downtown Dubai and all its fascinating attractions. Fly over the palm island where the stars gather and witness the development of the whole world island. You'll see all of Dubai's landmarks and Dubai's world-famous skyline. A helicopter ride is an integral part of your trip to Dubai.
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    "During the day, the sunset and the night view have a good time to go out to see Dubai. It is really worth it. Blow the sea breeze, drink drinks, dance with music, and be romantic! ! !"
    Dubai.Sheikh Zayed / DIFC
    20km from downtown
    No. 18 of Best Things to Do
    Highlights: The city scenery of Dubai and the beautiful scenery of the Arabian Gulf attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. Every year, guests from all over the world come to Dubai for leisure and vacation. It will be an unforgettable experience for you to go out to sea. When you take a luxury private yacht, ride the wind and waves on the sea in the sea and the sky and drive into the depths of the blue sky, you not only enjoy the distinguished service, but also enjoy the beautiful seascape, and you can see things that you can't usually see on land. to the scenery. The yacht will take you from below the seven-star hotel Burj al-Arab, along the sea, and slowly enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Arabian Gulf, the artificial island spread out on the vast sea, in addition to overlooking by plane, you can only glimpse its sporadic, Going out to sea on a yacht can get a close look at these "miracles". It is also a pleasure to walk around these human miracles slowly and appreciate them up close.
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    "The outdoor activities in Dubai are nothing more than desert sand, skydiving at high altitude, and hot air ballooning! Fortunately, I have the habit of making a strategy in advance. I booked the ticket early, otherwise I would definitely not be able to book it temporarily! Hahahaha!"
    Dubai.Dubai Marina
    18.4km from downtown
    Highlights: ▴In Dubai, experience one of the most exciting rides in the world - skydiving. Dubai's Palm Island skydiving area is one of the most beautiful skydiving places in the world. Jumping from here, you can have a panoramic view of Dubai's attractions: the Palm Island, the Burj Al Arab and the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.▴You can also choose to skydive at the Dubai Desert Reserve for a unique view of the desert.
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    Dubai.Sheikh Zayed / DIFC
    19.4km from downtown
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What are some Activities in Dubai?
Some Activities in Dubai include:Desert safari camp, Dubai Helicopter Tour, Dubai Yacht Tourism, Skydive Dubai, XLine Dubai
What are some highly-rated Activities in Dubai?
Some highly-rated Activities in Dubai include:Desert safari camp:4.7, Dubai Helicopter Tour:4.6, Dubai Yacht Tourism:4.9, Skydive Dubai:5.0
At what locations in Dubai can Activities in Dubai be found?
The Activities in Dubai are mainly located in:Desert safari camp:Dubai, Dubai Helicopter Tour:Dubai, Dubai Yacht Tourism:Dubai, Skydive Dubai:Dubai, XLine Dubai:Dubai