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Trip.Best Popular Performances in Dubai [2024]

Catch the best live performances in Dubai! Enjoy world-class acts and unforgettable shows.
Updated Jul 2024
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    "La Perle was top on my list of things to do in Dubai. The show starts at the exact time you select. Watching the stage change through the entire storyline was better than magic. My kids loved it so much. I love the stunts and the high dive drops they did. My favorite scene was how the moon changed with every season. The choreography is great and the actors are very good at what they do. I would highly recommend La Perle show to anyone looking for a theatrical experience. We booked Silver seats."
    Dubai.Sheikh Zayed / DIFC
    2.8km from downtown
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    Highlights: LaPerle Dubai Water Show is a visual feast for the fantasy city of Dubai. The theatre has 1300 seats and a total of 130 cast and crew to create a relaxing and dreamy experience. You'll be amazed by the cast pushing human limits, technological advances and stunning sets. In this unique experience, 65 extremely talented actors, acrobatic artists, stunt performers perform water dance shows and aerial stunts on stage, which also features a huge pool of water. For them, the laws of physics are merely references. Intrepid actors swooped down from a height of 35 meters, or traversed the auditorium at 15 km/h. The LaPerle Water Show is full of uninterrupted surprises and endless entertainment. This bold and intrepid vision fits right in with the urban character of Dubai. The city always smiles and challenges when faced with the constraints of nature.
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    "The Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai has a huge fountain named after the city of Dubai, which is proof of the size of this fountain, next to the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. The fountain is spectacular and perfect, and it is amazing to dance with the music changing out of various water."
    Dubai.Downtown Dubai
    1.2km from downtown
    No. 5 of Night Attractions
    Highlights: The Dubai Music Fountain is located in the artificial lake next to the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. There are many spectacular fountain performances here every day, making the fountain a great stop for visitors after discovering the city’s famous landmarks. The fountain’s waters can reach up to 150 meters, equivalent to 50 floors. The columns of water vary in size and are quite spectacular when accompanied by beautiful music.
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What are some Performances in Dubai?
Some Performances in Dubai include:La Perle, The Dubai Fountain
What are some highly-rated Performances in Dubai?
Some highly-rated Performances in Dubai include:La Perle:4.6, The Dubai Fountain:4.7
At what locations in Dubai can Performances in Dubai be found?
The Performances in Dubai are mainly located in:La Perle:Dubai, The Dubai Fountain:Dubai