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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Gongcheng [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Gongcheng. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jul 2024
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    "The environment is good, there are activities after the evening performance, everyone dances together. The performance scene is lively and spectacular, using high-tech means and the actors' live performance, the story is moving, the time is 1 hour, the fare is a bit expensive."
    Yangshuo.Songcheng Eternal Love Scenic Area
    36.8km from Gongcheng
    Highlights: The Guilin Eternal Scenery Area, jointly built by Songcheng Performing Arts and Guilin Travel Group, reproduces the history, culture and ethnic customs of Guilin, and is suitable for all ages, rain or shine. Everything in the scenic spot is tourist-centered, with tens of thousands of square meters of the No. 3 secret tourism complex and wind and rain gallery with full indoor air conditioning. The giant singer statue is magnificent and integrated with the landscape of Guilin. High-tech and children's experience projects such as Haunted House, Qingming Shanghetu Movie Hall, and Wonderful Street are full of fun. "Eternal Love in Guilin" uses advanced sound, light, electricity and other high-tech means and stage machinery, in the three-dimensional space of water, land and air, and sings the legend of the truth, goodness and beauty that the land of Bagui travels through time and space. The Bagui culture has been brought into everyone's field of vision, reproducing a period of unrequited love in Guilin for three lives and three generations. There are also wonderful performances and technology shows such as "The Great Earthquake", "Guozhuang Carnival" and "National Flash Show".
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    "Since I have come to Beijing, the temple fair must participate. The Ditan Temple Fair is the largest and most blocked. The dormitory went to the Longtan Park Temple Fair. First, the environment in the park is good, and the import and export are more convenient. The taxi was controlled in the past. I got off the bus and walked a long way to the entrance. The tickets bought online in advance still need to be redeemed, but it is really not expensive. Adults 10 yuan, children and the elderly 5 yuan. Walking around for most of the circle, a little disappointed, in addition to the snacks in the world, it is a variety of Yiwu crafts, entertainment projects are all spent a lot of money to make a small hand-made thing. I didn't see one of the traditional temple performances and projects, it was purely nothing to stroll around. Such temple fairs are lost for real meaning, commercialization is too heavy, not recommended to come."
    Liuzhou.Ma'anshan Park/Longtan Park
    >100km from Gongcheng
    Highlights: Longtan Park, also known as Dalongtan Scenic Spot, is located in the south of Liuzhou City and adjacent to the city center. The park is surrounded by green trees and surrounded by mountains. The twenty-four peaks such as Crouching Tiger Mountain, Beauty Peak and Peacock Mountain have different shapes. The clear pool water pours into Jinghu Lake, and the temperature of Leilong Two Pools is constant. In the middle of winter, the water vapor evaporates, so it is called Shuangtan Misty Rain. Many locals like to come here for a walk, exercise, admire the cliff stone carvings and the classic wind and rain bridge in Leishan, and they can go boating on the lake when the weather is good. In addition, there are also small playgrounds and outdoor swimming pools suitable for children in the park, as well as some Dong villages and Miao villages with ethnic elements, which are very worth visiting.
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    "It is convenient to buy tickets. Go to the mall self-service machine to enter the order number and you can enter the card. Unlimited time tickets cannot be outside, there is only one restaurant in the venue, it is OK. Go to the small number of people on Sunday."
    Guangzhou.Guangzhou Sunac Resort and Surroundings
    >100km from Gongcheng
    Highlights: Guangzhou Bonski has a total construction area of ​​75,000 square meters, and the temperature remains at -4 to -6 degrees Celsius all year round. It is the world's largest indoor professional ski resort and the largest operating indoor ski resort in South China. Skiing is cool and exciting, snow entertainment is novel and interesting, and the themed activities are rich and colorful. Whether you are enjoying family time or romantic encounters in the snow, or playing exciting skiing sports, Guangzhou Hot Snow Miracle brings you an ice and snow carnival for 365 days !The ski area has five snow trails of different difficulty, including a single board practice trail, a double board practice trail, an intermediate trail, and two advanced trails suitable for beginners. Among them, the design of two three-dimensional intersecting ski trails, which is rare in indoor ski resorts, allows intermediate and advanced skiers to experience the fun brought by different changes in the ski trails. In addition, the intermediate track and double-board practice track form a 460-meter long indoor alpine ski track through the middle buffer area.The 17,000㎡ super-large ice and snow recreation area provides non-skiers with a number of ice and snow recreation projects such as snow flying saucers, ice bumper cars, and adventure trails. With all four seasons, you can play in the snow every day and experience the fun of ice and snow recreation in the South.In addition, the museum provides free snow suits and snow shoes for snow recreation tourists, and ski suits, ski shoes, helmets and ski boards for ski tourists. Ski enthusiasts can also bring their own ski suits and ski equipment into the museum.【Ski Area】The overall height of the ski area is 66 meters. It has five ski trails of different difficulties, with slopes from 7° to 21°, an average width of 35 meters, and the snow thickness remains at 50 cm all year round. The upstream equipment includes 1 double chair ropeway and 8 Magic carpet.1、Snowboard training track (Penguin track)The ski track is wide and wide, with a width of about 35 meters, a length of about 70 meters, and a slope of about 13.6°. It is slightly steeper than the general snowboard training track. Skiers with zero basic knowledge need to practice on the flat area first to master the basic stance and posture. After stopping the technique, boldly try to unlock new moves from the peak.2、Double board exercise trail (little bear trail) The Little Bear Trail is a wide open ski trail with a width of about 50 meters, a length of about 76 meters, and a slope of about 8°. The overall sliding speed is slow and suitable for skiers with zero basic knowledge. Children can boldly try and practice here.3、Intermediate Trail (Snow Rabbit Trail)The length of the snow rabbit trail is about 360 meters, the width is about 35 meters, and the slope is about 11.8°. As a ski trail with a high density of skiers in the entire ski resort, it is suitable for skiers who have mastered basic ski stances, falls and stops. At the same time, because the slope and width of the snow track are particularly suitable for single board and double board enthusiasts to practice GROUND TRICKS (flat tricks), everyone also affectionately calls it "Flat Flower Avenue".4、Advanced Road (Elk Road)The length of the Elk Trail is about 260 meters, the width is about 35 meters, and the average slope is about 18.8°, which is suitable for intermediate level skiers. The slope of the first half of the ski trail is about 18°, which tests your stability and courage in basic sliding movements on intermediate and advanced slopes. The slope of the second half is about 10-12°, where you can fully enjoy the fun of CARVING. In addition, the second half of the trail is equipped with mushroom trails and wave trails, allowing you to experience the cool experience brought by different terrains.5、Advanced Road (Tiger Road)The length of Tiger Road is about 260 meters, the width is about 35 meters, and the average slope is about 20.8°. A ski terrain park has been built here, gathering skiers with higher levels in the ski resort, which can meet the needs of slalom and carving. On the ropeway, you can often see skateboarders "practicing" on props and on the platform, which has also become a beautiful scenery of the "Tiger Trail".【Ice and Snow Recreation Area】1、Snow Saucer Sit on an inflatable snow ring shaped like a flying saucer and fly down from the top of the snowy mountain. The refreshing snow wind blows in your face and slides down to the bottom of the mountain in the blink of an eye. You can feel the speed and excitement of the snow before you finish it. Play requirements: Only guests weighing less than 90KG are allowed to ride. Children under 1.2 meters must be accompanied by an adult.2、bumper cars on ice The smooth ice surface reduces friction, and bumper games bring more excitement and fun. In the south, you can also experience popular games in northern winter.Play requirements: Children under 1 meter must be properly protected by an adult before riding.3、adventure trails It integrates fun, entertainment, and expansion functions. In the challenges of height, speed, strength, perseverance and other elements, you can feel the stimulation of the senses and the sense of accomplishment of successfully completing the level. Play requirements: Tourists must be taller than 1.4 meters and weigh less than 100KG to play. Tourists must be over 16 years old, otherwise they need to be supervised by an adult on site.4、ice bike Cycling on slippery ice? Friends from the South must have played it for the first time. It is full of unexpected fun and is an ice sport suitable for all ages. Play requirements: Tourists must be taller than 1 meter to play.5、Snow circle in the sea of ​​flowers Take the 100-meter tulip flower snow circle track and quickly go down from the top of the mountain to experience a dreamy and exciting journey and record a different romance in Yangcheng.Play requirements: Only guests weighing less than 90KG are allowed to ride. Children under 1.2 meters are not allowed to play.6、ice slide The ice slide is made of ice blocks. The 60-meter-long slide only takes 10 seconds to give you the perfect experience of flying on the ice, allowing you to enjoy the fun of ice and snow.Play requirements: Children under 1 meter tall are not allowed to play.
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    "Buy 288 yuan for 2 hours of entertainment snow + Sunac Park package, entertainment snow must refer to the date and time to enter the venue, it is recommended to choose to open the park until 12 or 19 o'clock to enter the entertainment snow, I played on Friday, and waited in line at 9 o'clock that morning to pick up the ticket at 10:30. The package must be arranged for the manual ticket window. As long as you show your certificate, you can pick up the ticket (check the certificate when you enter the park), and you have to queue up to divert the ticket to enter the park. You can wait in line to pick up the ticket while waiting in line to enter the park depending on the situation. After entering the park, queue up to get the clothes (shoes, coats and pants) and locker cards. You must bring your own gloves and bring more cold-proof clothes. There is an official glove at the door for 15 yuan/yes. At 11:50, you can enter the park until 14:20. Sunac Paradise tickets are available. Enter the park on the same day or the next day. After playing Yuxue and eating lunch, it is about 15:00. There are about 4 hours. You can go directly to Sunac Paradise. Sunac Mao Gate 1 crosses the road and walks for 5 minutes. When you enter the park, the junior high school tour group will leave and fly directly over Guangdong. The basics do not need to queue up, directly enter the venue to play, the package package items are almost played again, and finally can play more than once over Guangdong. This time, I found that there was another film that flew over Jiangsu. After watching 2, Guangdong was a good-looking point. There should be the highest position in the last row. The front row is a relatively low position. Sunac Paradise has 2 entrances and exits, 1 is close to Sunac Mao, and the other is the exit of the store parking lot. There is a small night market for about 5 minutes. All are for food. For example, live in Olvin.S., the exit of the store parking lot should be the nearest. Overall, the package is very cost-effective."
    Guangzhou.Guangzhou Sunac Resort and Surroundings
    >100km from Gongcheng
    Highlights: Guangzhou Sunac Park covers a total area of about 596,000 square meters. It is a large-scale outdoor theme park with unique South Vietnamese culture and Lingnan style. The six themed areas, Millennium Commercial City, Maritime Silk Road, Impression of Lingnan, Ancient South Vietnam, Legend of the Five Rams, and Dream Garden, travel through ancient and modern times, bringing wonderful and joyful experiences. The park has a full-sensory super-shocking 8K flying theater "Flying Over Guangdong", an infinitely exciting and original double-track double-vehicle roller coaster "Double Dragon Flying", and high-tech amusement equipment with different styles, which can be thrilling or romantic, interactive and experiential, learning and entertainment . In addition, the Naked-Eye 3D Lighting and Water Curtain Great Lakes Show "Love on the Silk Road" and the infinitely joyful fantasy float parade and other wonderful performances will bring tourists an unforgettable immersive visual feast. The park fully demonstrates the local culture of Guangdong. At the same time, it combines Chinese and Western elements and combines high-tech amusement elements. In addition to outdoor play equipment, it also creates a series of indoor innovative constant temperature theaters and summer cooling projects. Breaking the restrictions of seasons and weather, it becomes an all-weather theme park for four seasons. Satisfy the joyful needs of every tourist every moment.
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  • No.5
    737 Review
    "Happy tribe has a lot of playability and fun. From the Ferris wheel, you can also see the military expo park. There is also a go-kart turntable in the happy tribe. Jumping machine and other facilities to play. Very fun"
    Guilin.Sunac Resort Guilin/University Town
    57.1km from Gongcheng
    Highlights: It is located in Yanshan District, Guilin City, on the Guilin-Yangshuo Lijiang Golden Tourist Belt, with a total planned area of about 3907 mu and a total investment of 16 billion yuan. Inspired by Guilin landscape culture and national culture, there are Sunac Sea World, Sunac Water World, Happy Tribe, Magnificent Lige National Show, Military Expo Park, Sunac Hotel Group, Featured Homestay, Lijiang Houhai Commercial Town, etc. The business format with many leisure elements aims to create a unique tourism culture and theme park in Guangxi, and become the most attractive cultural tourism project in Guilin District, becoming a new leading industry in Guilin.
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  • No.6
    44 Review
    "The place is beautiful, although the sun is average, but the lawn is quite good, the place is large, there is a car rental, it is still very convenient (the price is high, less than 2 hours, it took 140), but the price of the ticket is still not expensive"
    Guilin.Yao Mountain/Guilin University Of Electronic Technology
    67.5km from Gongcheng
    Highlights: Xinchang Guihai Qinglan - A new popular Attraction in Guilin cityAttracting waves of visitors to comeThey appreciate art, enjoy the landscape, and discuss aesthetics here.Free riding, art sketching, picnic time, outing and walking...Guihai Qinglan integrates life into natureAdults and children alike are immersed in the joyFind the answer to your own wonderful life
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  • No.7
    229 Review
    "Now there are fewer people, no need to queue, the weather on the day we went was also very good, parking was free, one person could play, individual projects were not opened, skiing 🎿 was also very good, except that the equipment was a bit heavy, the others were very good, there were coaches to teach, many were family outings"
    Foshan.Midea Egret Lake Resort
    >100km from Gongcheng
    Highlights: The Midea Luhu Forest Park Resort is built by the Midea Group in collaboration with Huangchao Real Estate. It contains the Bailuhu Eco Reserve, Annaxi Township, Alice in Wonderland Flower Sea, Forest Adventure Kingdom, Luhu RV Camp, SUV Test Drive Center, Luhu Tea Garden, Luye Farm, Luhu Midhill Hot Springs, Luhu Water World, Bailu Bay Wooden Villa Hotel, and Minglan Tent Hotel, etc. The resort offers a great environment as well as brand new facilities.
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  • No.8
    963 Review
    "The first project to play exciting is the screaming water ring and the double cyclone wave board, followed by the big horn, the first water village that does not want to play exciting, followed by time shuttle and wave pool"
    >100km from Gongcheng
    Highlights: Hengyang Maya Beach Water Park covers an area of ​​about 140,000 square meters. It is a Maya theme water park that integrates urban entertainment, leisure vacation, cultural experience and other formats. With its distinctive theme style, rich festivals and performing arts activities, it creates a family urban entertainment resort covering all ages, lively all day and night, and meets the high-quality needs of modern families for play.
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  • No.9
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    "20240122 afternoon: 1. Yingxiang Ecological Park is an ecological park under Lingyun Mountain on the outskirts of Foshan City, covering an area of 2 million ㎡, the scenery is beautiful and picturesque, the 100-acre sea of flowers is particularly spectacular, the amusement facilities are very varied, and the large water facilities are magnificent and spectacular. It is a collection of flower viewing photography, Parent-child entertainment in one comprehensive scenic spot. The scenic spot covers an area of 2 million ㎡, consisting of six major areas: Four Seasons Flower Sea, Happy Ranch, Water Park, Scream Island, Adventure Island, and Happy Island. ① Address: Xi'an Yu Village, Hecheng Street, Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. ② Transportation: The bus is direct, and the driving is very good. ③ peak season: no. ④ Duration: 4 hours. ⑤ Ticket price: 120 yuan. 2. The Four Seasons Flower Sea is the flower viewing area at the entrance of the south side of the scenic spot. It is an iconic landscape, beautiful appearance, shocking visual effects, and there are small trains shuttled in the flower sea on the east side. This area has: ① gate: triangular grass shed style, with 1 elephant stone carving on each side. The door is full of various festive sets to celebrate the Spring Festival. ② Rainbow Road: The pedestrian path in the sea of flowers, the ground is the stripes of the rainbow, and there is a square rainbow striped door frame, very beautiful, the end is a mini windmill. ③ Geranium Zone: The geranium flower season is in 1-5 month, and the flowers are still relatively sporadic. ④ Goldfish grass area: Goldfish grass flower season is in 1-5 month, but there is only one green at present, which may be due to the high temperature in the south. ⑤ Wanshouju area: Wanshouju flower season is in 1-5 month, at the moment, yellow. ⑥ Cut Flower Violet: Cut Flower Violet Flower Season is in 3-5 Moon. At the moment, the purple powder is a piece of powder, which is the face value of the sea of flowers. ⑦ Wangyue Pavilion: Two-story bamboo and wooden pavilions, full of lanterns, wine jars and other decorations. ⑧ Farmer's House: The setting of a small farmhouse, with a grass house, a goose, and sugar cane. ⑨ Fisherman's House (Eco Restaurant): A small pond surrounded by palm trees, but the door is closed. ⑩ Feiniu Road: The pedestrian path in the sea of flowers, the road is flanked by anthropomorphic cartoon shapes of cows, suitable for taking pictures of children. The hot air balloon on the easternmost side is very beautiful. ⑪ Swing: The rope is a butterfly wing shape, fashionable and creative. 3. Happy Ranch is a farming and animal husbandry experience area on the east side of the scenic spot. There are no animals in the construction, but it is close to completion. See the introduction card with sheep, alpacas and other animals, nearby. This area has: ① Huatian School: It shows the facilities for ancient human labor and farming such as Nikun, Sinan, Archimedes spiral water lift. ② Niu Niu Square: The dining area in the center of the scenic spot, there is a ceiling covering not afraid of the sun and rain, ③ Niu Niu Theater: The small performance dance in Niu Niu Square. ④ Glass flower room: translucent indoor flower viewing house, with expensive flowers sensitive to temperature, divided into 6 chapters, namely Splendid Flower Airlines, Huamao Spring Court, Baihua Event, Spring Light, Flowers, Marriage Registry (suitable for couples to take pictures). A small painting table is also set up in the corner for sketching creation, and paintings with Chinese paintings are hung on the wall. ⑤ Flower Bed Area: Various festival flower bed layouts have been put on the shelves, and there are many photo spots. 4. The water park is located in the northwest corner of the scenic spot. This area is mainly water projects. The day is mid-week and the winter off-season. It is not open... The number of words is overrun. Continue in the last picture."
    >100km from Gongcheng
    Highlights: Located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, Gaoming Yingxiang Ecological Park offers sports facilities for outward-bound activities, water sports, climbing, swimming pools, football fields, basketball courts, zoos, etc., making it an ideal place for children's physical outings. Other than these, the Park also has a farmhouse restaurant, where one may find popular dishes such as "scented chicken", "roast whole lamb" and "chicken with citronella".
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  • No.10
    30 Review
    "On a rainy day, the pier in the Jiuba rafting section was not closed, so I chose the Fuli Bridge section. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to go back and forth, and there are more than 300 boats for four people, with ceilings. There were more people in line at that time. This water flow is relatively gentle, basically take a boat to see the scenery, the shoes will not be wet."
    44.4km from Gongcheng
    Highlights: The old bluestone slabs, the ingenious bridge arches, the green waters, and the picturesque scenery are reflected in front of you. The rafting is very gentle throughout the whole process, without ups and downs, suitable for the Seniors and children. The boatman is very good and can help everyone take pictures on the boat. A good place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and rafting.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Gongcheng?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Gongcheng include:Guilin Romance Park, Longtan Park, Guangzhou BONSKI, Sunac Land, Guilin Sunac Resort
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Gongcheng?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Gongcheng include:Guilin Romance Park:4.6, Longtan Park:4.7, Guangzhou BONSKI:4.5, Sunac Land:4.8, Guilin Sunac Resort:4.7
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Gongcheng located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Gongcheng are mainly located in:Guilin Romance Park:Yangshuo, Longtan Park:Liuzhou, Guangzhou BONSKI:Guangzhou, Sunac Land:Guangzhou, Guilin Sunac Resort:Guilin