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Family-friendly Attractions
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Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Huilai - 2024

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Huilai. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jun 2024
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    "Follow the light and meet, and walk with light. When the Dingdar effect occurs, the light has a shape. Xiamen Garden Botanical Garden, surrounded by mountains and sea, is full of greenery in all seasons. And in the tropical rainforest area, trees are another sea, wind is another wave, walking in the rainforest, moving forward to the light, pouring into the waves:"
    Xiamen.Xiamen University Area
    >100km from Huilai
    Highlights: A fairyland-like rainforest world
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    "Save money and come Window of the world 😂♥️It's another chapter of your dream."
    Shenzhen.Overseas Chinese Town
    >100km from Huilai
    Highlights: A comprehensive park themed on famous world attractions
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  • No.3
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    "Really fun, the children are very happy! Learned a lot of knowledge! It is simply an indoor play ceiling! And the Mars exhibition is also very interesting and fun."
    Xiamen.SM City Square Area
    >100km from Huilai
    Highlights: Feel the fun of technology
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    "the park is a bit old but very well maintained with decent service at a reasonable priceprice, unlike some other parks in China in this one the food was ok and with plenty of choices and the best parts are the shows which a perfect to catch a break, if you lucky enough to go on the first week of October you can see world class magician performing the whole day."
    Shenzhen.Overseas Chinese Town
    >100km from Huilai
    Highlights: Shenzhen Happy Valley is a new generation of large-scale theme park of OCT Group and the birthplace of the Happy Valley chain brand. The whole park is divided into nine themed areas with different styles: Plaza de España, Magic Castle, Mini World Adventure Mountain, Western Mining Town, Shangri-La, Hurricane Bay, Sunshine Coast, Happy Hour and Maya Water Park. There are not only more than 100 amusement projects suitable for all ages, but also colorful and exciting performances. The newly launched Shenzhen night tour landmark "Happy Light Year" - 350,000 square meters of colorful light park, creates a night tour experience for tourists that combines "night tour + night view + night show + night banquet + night market"!Plaza of Spain:This is the starting point of joy. Walk into the unique and exotic Plaza de España, experience the unique scenery and culture of the Mediterranean coast, and experience a joyful country full of passion, dynamics and fashion.Magic Castle:The theme area integrates magic, entertainment, interaction and leisure. There are more than 20 interesting parent-child entertainment projects here. It is not only suitable for bringing children to play, but also suitable for couples to come here for a romantic date. Recommended items: Carousel, Magic Shuttle, Free Jellyfish, Arctic AdventureMini World Adventure Mountain:This is the Mini World P trendy theme area. Using the "IP + scene + technology + experience" model, an immersive mini world theme area is created, including four major theme areas: cute town, adventure tribe, screaming jungle, and secluded flowerland. The Starry Sky Tower, Carol Music Box, Jungle Adventure and other attractions, as well as nearly a thousand mini world-themed cultural and creative products and food, are not only a one-stop leisure paradise for parent-child families, but also a cute and fashionable place for young people of Generation Z. .Western mining towns:Take you into the western world and experience the exotic culture! There are thrilling roller coasters and jumping machines, as well as dazzling performances that integrate dreamy light and shadow, dynamic sound effects and interactive participation, taking you to carnival day and night! Recommended items: Golden Waves, Ring Wing Speedster, Tower of Terror, Gold Mine Rafting, Gold Mine Listening RoomShangri-La:The rich Tibetan cultural customs bring together the mysterious area of ​​canyons, forests, lakes and pure air, which is highly entertaining, interactive and experiential! Recommended projects: Snowy Eagle, Storm Chaser, Wings of Colorful Clouds, Xunlong Cave, Skull IslandHurricane Bay:The story of Hurricane Bay takes place in a ruined town full of Caribbean island style. There is a "rapid rapids" with a high drop. You can take the tourist boat of the old fisherman LOUIS and experience the excitement of flying down from a height of 26 meters. Recommended projects: Rapids, Hurricane Fortress, XD Storm Chasesunshine Beach:There is a charming seaside style here, with children playing in the waves on the sunny beach, passers-by walking along the wooden leisure promenade whispering, and couples holding hands under the palm grove shading pavilion. This is a place for tourists to rest after experiencing the thrills. Recommended items: Sheriff Biscuit Training Camp, Bouncing Frog, High-altitude Bungee Jump, Screaming Fountainhappy hour:Happy hour, fun day and night, in a prosperous European town in the early 20th century, where joy is the eternal theme. Almost all happy hour projects are thrilling and exciting, allowing people to forget their worries. Recommended projects: Discoverer, UFO, Rush Hour, Tornado, Laser Chariot, 4D CinemaMaya Water Park:The water park, which won the title of "Industry Innovation" from the World Water Park Association, interprets a rich Mayan theme culture. The ancient Mayan civilization and modern water amusement facilities complement each other, making it a refreshing water paradise for the whole family in the hot summer. Maya Water Park is only open from May Day to National Day every year. Visitors who want to experience water fun are advised to go during this period. Recommended projects: Rainforest Python, Rainbow Raceway, Mayan Water Village, Quetzalcoatl Ring, Mayan Adventure, Kukulkan Camp[Wonderful Performance] Happy Valley Interactive Performance Newly UpgradedShenzhen Happy Valley has comprehensively improved the cultural connotation of themed performing arts based on 24 years of experience in themed performing arts, launched a series of interactive performances that combine participatory and experiential nature, and held nearly a hundred colorful art exhibitions such as magic, comedy, cartoons, and hip-hop, bringing Give visitors a new visual experience and sense of participation."Tunnel Warfare" large-scale film and television live shooting performance: Shenzhen Happy Valley's classic performance project has performed more than 10,000 performances, with on-site participation and live performances, recreating the magnificent historical picture of the Anti-Japanese War."The Bounty Hunter" is a large-scale immersive real-life performance: well-known Hollywood film and television stunt actors perform with all their heart and are carefully created by the production team. Fierce gun battles, fixed-point blasting, and high-altitude wires begin the exciting showdown."Dream Chasing" is a large-scale urban-themed magic drama: It uses various magic techniques such as large-scale illusions, black magic, and hand-painted magic, and integrates various elements of street dance, acrobatics, and comedy. It uses sound and light multimedia technology to bring together the essence of Chinese and foreign magic. Through wonderful multi-dimensional Magic means present magical charm to the audience."Happy Adventure" mini world children's drama: This is a journey of magic and adventure, a battle between justice and evil. Follow the Mini League and the Happy League to bravely venture into the Adventure Mountain, defeat the dark forces with them, and gain trust and friendship. Experience a legendary journey full of wisdom and courage!5D Colorful Light and Shadow Show: Spending a huge investment of 50 million to create two new light and shadow shows, combined with advanced stereoscopic projection, sound and light induction, and digital film and television equipment, bringing a new immersive nightclub experience!
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  • No.5
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    "The first tallest building in Shenzhen, the Ping An Financial Center Building, the first tallest building in Shenzhen, the scenery is great, the weather is also very good today, it is recommended to punch in. Staff Lin Ruibao explained in place."
    Shenzhen.Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
    >100km from Huilai
    Highlights: The Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center Cloud Observation Deck is located on the 116th floor of the world's fifth tallest building, Ping An Financial Center. It is located at an altitude of 547.6 meters above sea level, a new landmark in Shenzhen. It offers a 360-degree bird's eye view of the different landscapes and urban features of Shenzhen. It covers multiple functional spaces such as transparent viewing Attraction, VR interactive experience area, mirror maze, light and shadow tunnel, and Shenzhen Miracle. With advanced intelligent multimedia facilities, it showcases the young culture with rich Shenzhen characteristics and the vigorous development of Shenzhen since the reform and opening up. It can also observe the historical changes and urban features of Shenzhen. It is equipped with a 10m/s high-speed elevator, which takes only about 55 seconds to reach the 547.6m cloud on the 116th floor. Feel the light of the damper's black technology and experience the beauty of extreme green view shooting wisdom. We sincerely invite friends from all over the world to climb to a new height in Shenzhen, overlook the beautiful mountains and cities from afar and up close, and take in the entire map of South China.
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  • No.6
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    "Very suitable for adults who love to take pictures, it is really good to take pictures. When I met middle school students, the queue time was a bit long, but I felt the atmosphere of youth. The park is not big, there are not many projects, and the charges are a bit expensive."
    >100km from Huilai
    Highlights: Located in the coastal area of Xiamen, Xiamen Fantawild Resort combines high-tech achievements and local culture to create Fantawild Adventure, Fantawild Oriental Heritage, Fantawild Water Park and ancillary service base. It effectively promotes the technology level and originality of the cultural industry and fills the shoes of becoming a large-scale cultural base in Xiamen.
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  • No.7
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    "This is the first time I brought my children to OCT East. Although it was May Day, because of the rain, there was very little traffic, and some projects were not opened, but I still had a great time playing, especially some of the movies inside were very exciting. Some children had to watch several times. It rains and goes up the mountain to see the scenery is more beautiful, smoky, and the fairy air is floating. The price of 50 yuan for the small train on May 1st is a bit too expensive."
    Shenzhen.Yantian (Dameisha & Xiaomeisha)
    >100km from Huilai
    Highlights: OCT EAST is a large-scale eco-resort created by the OCT Group. It contains a number of theme parks, including Knight Valley and Tea Stream Resort Valley. Knight Valley is dominated by natural canyon scenery and has exciting aquatic amusement projects. You can experience the Surging down the Rapids ride and an all-glass observation deck over the cliffs. Tea Stream Resort Valley has beautiful rural scenery with flowers in full bloom. It also has tea fields, tea gardens, and stylish ancient tea towns.
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    "Very old hall, the performance venue is full of electric fans without air conditioning, but the health is good and maintained very well. The skeleton and specimens of sperm whales are still very precious, and the treasure of the town hall belongs to it. The performance can be said to be very basic, but there are more types of fish."
    Xiamen.Gulangyu Scenic Area
    >100km from Huilai
    Highlights: Xiamen Underwater World contains more than 10,000 marine animals covering 350 marine species from all continents and oceans. Get your cameras ready when you are at the entrance as there is a uniquely-designed octopus sculpture there. But, if that doesn't interest you, then head straight to the 80 meters long underwater tunnel where you can see the concave fish ponds on both sides and "swim" with tens of thousands of fishes coming in different shapes and sizes as they explore the magnificent underwater world. If you happen to be around during feeding time, the experience of seeing hundreds and thousands of fishes swirling together fighting for food is quite a sight.
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  • No.9
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    "The safari park is large in scale, with more animal types, reasonable planning of tourist attractions and routes, and fewer restaurants, poor brands and fewer varieties provided to tourists. It is urgent to strengthen and further improve."
    Shenzhen.Xili Zoological Garden and University Town of Shenzhen
    >100km from Huilai
    Highlights: An open-range zoo
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  • No.10
    1229 Review
    "游览体验很不错,开船的大叔非常热情,还可以在平稳的地方玩一玩水,海水很干净,周边的海面和建筑景色都很好~ 除了离市区稍微远了一些,非常值得推荐"
    Xiamen.Wuyuan Bay Area
    >100km from Huilai
    Highlights: Located in Xiamen, Wuyuan Bay Marina is a gathering place for masted sailing boats. The water quality at Wuyuan Bay is excellent and its scenery beautiful. It is acclaimed by many sailors as "a rare bay, suitable for sailing sports." The bay is not overcrowded with visitors; you can see many yachts berthed in the marina, or catch the ferry to Jinmen not far from here.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Huilai?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Huilai include:Xiamen Botanical Garden, Window of the World, Xiamen Science and Technology Museum, Shenzhen Happy Valley, Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center Yunji Sightseeing
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Huilai?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Huilai include:Xiamen Botanical Garden:4.6, Window of the World:4.4, Xiamen Science and Technology Museum:4.6, Shenzhen Happy Valley:4.7, Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center Yunji Sightseeing:4.9
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Huilai located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Huilai are mainly located in:Xiamen Botanical Garden:Xiamen, Window of the World:Shenzhen, Xiamen Science and Technology Museum:Xiamen, Shenzhen Happy Valley:Shenzhen, Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center Yunji Sightseeing:Shenzhen