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Trip.Best Top 3 Fine Dining in Lijiang [2024]

Indulge in the best fine dining in Lijiang! Experience gourmet meals and exquisite settings.
Updated Jun 2024
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    Trip Gourmet Awards
    Restaurant in Amandayan
    26 Review
    Yunnan Cuisine
    "The environment can be scored 10 points directly, which is indeed the environment affects the mood! From Guangzhou to here! Throw away the sultry heat! Come here, the sky is high and the air is very fresh, it is estimated that it is related to the coverage of vegetation! It is reserved in advance when eating! You can directly see the snow-capped mountains at the window! There are not many tables in the Chinese restaurant! Clean. There are leisurely guqin sounds and the sound of wind leaves and birds outside! The temperature is about 18 degrees. So eat hot pot at this time! A drop of sweat will not flow throughout the whole process! No air conditioning! Convection windows really make you feel summer (autumn is cool). The point is here! Yak beef! The taste of burdock! Not greasy or firewood. The meat is fragrant! Not the strong fragrance of milk! It is a unique beef fragrance (a bit of mountain grass). In addition, lamb belly fungus and plate blue root have cabbage. Other mushrooms are held in the soup! Abnormally delicious! Take a bowl of yak beef soup! It simply refreshes your mouth! It is sweet and mellow (I will feel a little salty, and I will not add dishes later). Miss sister will help you brush hot pot throughout the whole process! Service is super in place! Super-class alpine snow chrysanthemum! Directly go to greasy and mouth to clear the smell! The most important thing is to get angry! ! My wife keeps saying that the vegetables are delicious 🤤! I found out after eating! It turned out that there is a dish in the backyard! so beautiful"
    Lijiang.Inside Dayan Ancient Town
    2.1km from downtown
    No. 1 of Restaurants for Views & Experiences
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    Trip Gourmet Awards
    Restaurant in Jinmao Purelax Mountain Hotel Lijiang
    44 Review
    Yunnan Cuisine
    "The second time I came, the invincible snow mountain landscape was close in front of me. Watching the magnificent snow mountain eat hot pot, it is more delicious! Thanks to Liu Shuang, the service is very intimate, adding points to the food! You must experience it when you come to Yulong Snow Mountain!"
    Yulong.Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area
    30.6km from downtown
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    Restaurant in Banyan Tree Lijiang
    10 Review
    Yunnan Cuisine
    "The food is rich in variety and tastes not bad. The most important thing is that the environment is good and the scenery is good. It is also a natural appetite to eat in this environment. You can see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the distance."
    Lijiang.Shuhe Old Town
    7.9km from downtown
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What are some Fine Dining in Lijiang?
Some Fine Dining in Lijiang include:Man Yi Xuan Restaurant (Lijiang), Xue Jing Ge Restaurant, Bai Yun (Banyan Tree Lijiang)
What are some highly-rated Fine Dining in Lijiang?
Some highly-rated Fine Dining in Lijiang include:Man Yi Xuan Restaurant (Lijiang):4.2, Xue Jing Ge Restaurant:4.6, Bai Yun (Banyan Tree Lijiang):4.3
At what locations in Lijiang can Fine Dining in Lijiang be found?
The Fine Dining in Lijiang are mainly located in:Man Yi Xuan Restaurant (Lijiang):Lijiang, Xue Jing Ge Restaurant:Yulong, Bai Yun (Banyan Tree Lijiang):Lijiang
What are some specialty dishes found at Fine Dining in Lijiang?
Specialty dishes at Fine Dining in Lijiang include:Man Yi Xuan Restaurant (Lijiang):Yunnan Cuisine, Xue Jing Ge Restaurant:Yunnan Cuisine, Bai Yun (Banyan Tree Lijiang):Yunnan Cuisine
What's the average price per person at Fine Dining in Lijiang?
Average price per person at Fine Dining in Lijiang:Man Yi Xuan Restaurant (Lijiang):Average price per person: £72.00, Xue Jing Ge Restaurant:Average price per person: £30.00, Bai Yun (Banyan Tree Lijiang):Average price per person: £29.00
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