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Top 5 Fine Dining in Quanzhou - 2024

Indulge in the best fine dining in Quanzhou! Experience gourmet meals and exquisite settings.
Updated Jun 2024
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    3 Review
    "The recommended dishes are very rich, the most impressive of which are the world-famous foie gras and emperor crab meat. At the same time, 300 grams and Niu Xi Leng and the Norwegian emperor frog fish tata mixed avocado crushed lime also left me with good memories. In addition, five comprehensive top-notch oyster platters showcase their exquisite skills in seafood, and match perfectly with a fried mountain fungus with a aroma. Here you can enjoy the unique taste, attractive taste and enjoyable taste of a variety of high-end ingredients."
    Quanzhou.Wanda Plaza/Fengze Square
    2.9km from downtown
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    14 Review
    Quanzhou.Wanda Plaza/Fengze Square
    2km from downtown
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    8 Review
    "A mouth-watering selection of cuisines. Alaska emperor crab, frosted snowflake beef, salmon sashimi, and so on, each dish has a tantalizing aroma and taste. And their recommended Thai pee shrimp king and crab seed truffle shrimp slip is unique. In addition to the delicious food, there is a selection of silky soft wines that make you feel warm and comfortable when you eat. So when you want to find a place to relax on the weekend and don't know where to go, it's right here!"
    Quanzhou.Wanda Plaza/Fengze Square
    4.2km from downtown
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    1 Review
    Quanzhou.Wanda Plaza/Fengze Square
    2.3km from downtown
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    4 Review
    Other Chinese Cuisine
    "😄 The location of the restaurant is very easy to find, just on the 2nd floor of Building 7, Zhongxu Square, Jinhuai Street. It's absolutely right to come here to relax on weekend afternoons! 🌟. Both the quality and the service are satisfactory, the dishes are rich and varied, and the taste is quite good. After tasting their food, I felt like I was brought into another space-time. The whole dining experience was full of bliss and comfort. Besides enjoying the food, a sip of champagne made the time seem to stop flowing. Recommend everyone to choose this place as a party or dating place, and intoxicate with its unique and warm environment! ✨"
    Quanzhou.Wanda Plaza/Fengze Square
    3.7km from downtown
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What are some Fine Dining in Quanzhou?
Some Fine Dining in Quanzhou include:納灣法國美食餐廳(泉州店), Jiuleriben Cuisine (tian'an), 鯉酒翡萃·港式海鮮火鍋, 壽司小川(豐淮街店), 鯉酒琥珀•創意中華料理(中駿廣場店)
What are some highly-rated Fine Dining in Quanzhou?
Some highly-rated Fine Dining in Quanzhou include:Jiuleriben Cuisine (tian'an):4.4, 鯉酒翡萃·港式海鮮火鍋:5.0, 壽司小川(豐淮街店):5.0, 鯉酒琥珀•創意中華料理(中駿廣場店):5.0
At what locations in Quanzhou can Fine Dining in Quanzhou be found?
The Fine Dining in Quanzhou are mainly located in:納灣法國美食餐廳(泉州店):Quanzhou, Jiuleriben Cuisine (tian'an):Quanzhou, 鯉酒翡萃·港式海鮮火鍋:Quanzhou, 壽司小川(豐淮街店):Quanzhou, 鯉酒琥珀•創意中華料理(中駿廣場店):Quanzhou
What are some specialty dishes found at Fine Dining in Quanzhou?
Specialty dishes at Fine Dining in Quanzhou include:納灣法國美食餐廳(泉州店):Western-style, Jiuleriben Cuisine (tian'an):Japanese, 鯉酒翡萃·港式海鮮火鍋:Seafood, 壽司小川(豐淮街店):Japanese, 鯉酒琥珀•創意中華料理(中駿廣場店):Other Chinese Cuisine
What's the average price per person at Fine Dining in Quanzhou?
Average price per person at Fine Dining in Quanzhou:納灣法國美食餐廳(泉州店):Average price per person: £62.00, Jiuleriben Cuisine (tian'an):Average price per person: £49.00, 鯉酒翡萃·港式海鮮火鍋:Average price per person: £31.00, 壽司小川(豐淮街店):Average price per person: £88.00, 鯉酒琥珀•創意中華料理(中駿廣場店):Average price per person: £39.00
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