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Top 11 Hot Springs in Xi'an - 2023

Feeling stressed? Let your worries melt away as you sink into the waters of these relaxing hot springs. A treat for both body and mind.
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Updated May 2023
  • No.1
    489 Reviews
    "The weather was too hot. I only entered the hot springs after 19:00. There was a parent-child area where I could change clothes, but my baby was swimming in the hotel next door. The swimsuit was wet. I asked my grandfather to change clothes in the male guest area. The service staff put on a bath towel and sent it in. I didn’t turn the whole park, but I only soaked in a pool of 3.4. The water quality is very good, the children are very happy, you can go to the Laoyuguan restaurant to eat some free snacks, but the order is at your own expense, we ordered meat sandwiches and porridge, we were full, and we continued to soak until almost 22 o'clock before returning to the hotel reluctantly. The child is very happy. It is recommended to take the child to ask in advance if the children's playground is repaired. The day we went, we said that we were repairing, and the child did not play."
    24.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Lintong Angsana Spa is located about 30 km from Xi'an. Famous attractions nearby include the Huaqing Hot Springs and the Terracotta Warriors. The architectural style prevalent throughout the spa hotel is Tang Dynasty inspired. The comprehensive facilities include a separate two-story spa building and a spacious outdoor hot spring area. The outdoor hot springs have 25 small pools and one large family pool across three thematic areas.Natural hot spring water and medicinal herbs complement each other to further help visitors immerse themselves in the experience of a lifetime.
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  • No.2
    763 Reviews
    "Service is great! Miss sisters are very caring, although it is a post-epidemic period, there are not many open pools and there are not many people. When you come on weekdays, you can relax for a whole day. The hot spring package also intimately delivered fruits and snacks, which is great! After soaking in the evening, I will eat Linyi for a night."
    26.1km from downtown
    Highlights: The Huaqing Aegean Hot Spring is an excellent place to refresh your body and spirit. It is based on the concepts of ecology, harmony and nature. The hot spring has 59 types of pools. A large number of plants are used around the open-air swimming pool to create a feeling that you're walking through natural gardens. Come to the hot spring, and you'll get to relax and unwind while also growing closer to nature.
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  • No.3
    294 Reviews
    "Daqin Hot Spring Health Garden is located in the Qin Shihuang Shangtiantai Site Park in the northeast of Qin Afang Palace Site. It is one of the largest hot spring projects in the five northwest provinces and the first Qin cultural experience hot spring resort hotel in Shaanxi Province."
    11.2km from downtown
    Highlights: Daqin Hot Spring Health Resort is a famous Qin culture experiential hot spring resort hotel in Shaanxi Province. The hot springs of Daqin Hot Spring Health Resort are all pure deep-water hot springs taken directly from the depths of the ground. The water is clear and smooth, no odor, and with a lot of minerals. It also allows people to enjoy the comfort of hot springs in the downtown area.
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  • No.4
    82 Reviews
    "Thanks to the manager of the hot spring area and sister Hu for taking special care of the baby! Service is great! Will come again next time! It is really inconvenient to take the children out to soak in the hot springs. I am really grateful to the caring staff for their enthusiastic help!"
    28km from downtown
    Highlights: Nanshan Hot Springs are located in Dongda Hot Spring Resort in Xi'an's Chang'an District. There are famous scenic spots such as the Caotang Temple which has a thousand years history, the Fanchuan Ancient Temple Group, and the Fenggao Western Zhou Site. It is divided into three areas: the main hot spring pavilion area, the lodge area and the outdoor spa area. The site has free flowing hot spring water, fresh air and beautiful surroundings. After a while, the pores of the body open up and visitors find that they feel very comfortable.
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  • No.5
    10 Reviews
    "The hot spring at the door is really great. I have played with my children for a whole day. There are many projects. The water is very clean. I must buy it back. Hahaha."
    7.8km from downtown
  • No.6
    90 Reviews
    "Surrounded by mountains and rivers! Very beautiful and worth it. Children are reluctant to leave after five hours. My favorite projects are health fish therapy and super long water slides. Adults and children can!"
    37.4km from downtown
    Highlights: Tangyu Tiantan Hot Spring is a jewel nested in the green mountain and water of Tangyu, with a beautiful environment and fresh air. There are various characteristics of hot spring pools, and a large number to meet the various needs of tourists. Tangyu Tiantan Hot Springs is built on a hillside overlooking the patchwork town.
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  • No.7
    64 Reviews
    "Huaqing Palace is not big, after all, it is only the place where the emperor's concubine takes a bath, but the historical significance of the place where the Xi'an incident occurred is too important, especially the Huaqing Yutang Hot Spring Hotel is worth living. This is the best five-star hotel I have ever stayed in. The service of the whole hotel is excellent. The breakfast is rich in variety and tastes good. The room is large, the heating is very good, and the hot spring in the room is very comfortable. To say that there are flaws, there are also two places, one is that the food in the royal dining room is not cost-effective, the second is that the service of Baojichi is not fully in place, there is only one bath towel for each person, and the two pools are completely wet. This season is very cold, and the women's dressing room is not allowed to take a bath. The song of long hate is very general, only the love of the emperor and the concubine is very superficial, and it has to be played for an hour, and the scene is too small, not worth the face price of 398."
    27.1km from downtown
    Highlights: Situated in Huaqing Scenic Area, Huaqing Yutang Hot Springs rely on natural hot spring resources and beautiful landscape scenery. It consists of open-air lotus soup, Sea otter soup, and Prince Edward soup, which constitute a unique combination from Yutang District. Specially appointed professional spa therapists from home and abroad used the bathing of Sheng Tang and modern health to launch a series of health programs here.
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  • No.8
    81 Reviews
    "For my cold physique, I dare not go out in winter. Fortunately, there is Clear Water Bay close to home. If I am bored, I will go to the bubble hot spring and watch a movie. It is really good [smiling face]"
    6.1km from downtown
    Highlights: Xi'an Qingshuiwan • Letanghui Hot Springs includes spa plazas, health spas, hot spring rooms, local foods, khan transpiration paradise, and many other leisure activities. Male and female bathing areas each have a variety of different features of the hot springs pool, all kinds of steaming experiences, and high-definition viewing spaces. and German-made beer equipment music clearing bar.
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  • No.9
    128 Reviews
    "The experience is good, the price is more suitable, relax on weekends, take family and friends to take a bubble, it is still a very good experience, the environment is also more beautiful, it is recommended, the scenery is also very good"
    37km from downtown
    Highlights: Tangyu Beshuiwan Hot Spring is located in the Tangyu Hot Spring Tourism Resort. Since the Han Dynasty, hot springs have been developed here. There are facilities such as Tianyuan Difang Pool, Sauna, Slate Bath, Wufu Pool, etc. to meet your needs. (Translator's Note: The official translations of the attractions do not make sense, so the translator provided her own translation) In addition to hot springs, there are also Barbeque Bar, Taibai Bar, Tangsheng Theater, Folk Restaurant, etc.
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  • No.10
    185 Reviews
    "Very good, especially suitable for a family or with friends. Adults, children, parents can play, the water quality is very light, there is lunch and dinner, there is no second consumption inside, the doll is very happy to play"
    28.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Qinlong Hot Spring has a large-scale hot spring bathing center, which consists of dozens of soup ponds, such as open air, semi-open air and indoor. The hot springs have a beauty bath, a milk bath, a flower bath, etc., which are divided into a dry steam room area, a children's bath area, a health spa area, and a large indoor swimming pool. In addition, there is a water park inside, including air rotation, wave water slides, mushroom pavilions, water bumper cars and other entertainment projects.
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  • No.11
    32 Reviews
    "Beautiful environment, good water quality, large space, light yellow water quality,1.6 kilometers away from Huaqing Palace, close service, indoor swimming pool is not open, hot spring pool is not big, a total of seven or eight, running a relaxed, mainly elderly people, next time I go, soaked for two hours, by the way climbing Lushan. The long hate song stopped, and the hot spring parking was free."
    26.1km from downtown


What are some Hot Springs in Xi'an?
Some Hot Springs in Xi'an include:Lintong Angsana Spa|Huaqing Aegean Hot Spring|Daqin Hot Spring Health Resort|Nanshan Hot Springs|Baye 3000m Hot Spring
What are some highly-rated Hot Springs in Xi'an?
Some highly-rated Hot Springs in Xi'an include:Lintong Angsana Spa:4.6|Huaqing Aegean Hot Spring:4.8|Daqin Hot Spring Health Resort:4.6|Nanshan Hot Springs:4.4|Baye 3000m Hot Spring:4.7
At what locations in Xi'an can Hot Springs in Xi'an be found?
The Hot Springs in Xi'an are mainly located in:Lintong Angsana Spa:Xi'an|Huaqing Aegean Hot Spring:Xi'an|Daqin Hot Spring Health Resort:Xi'an|Nanshan Hot Springs:Xi'an|Baye 3000m Hot Spring:Xi'an