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Top 20 Instagrammable Hotels in Xi'an - 2023

These are the hotels that all the travel influencers are talking about. Become the envy of your followers at these unique properties.
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Updated Jun 2023


What are some Instagrammable Hotels in Xi'an?
Some Instagrammable Hotels in Xi'an include:Canopy by Hilton Xi'an Qujiang|HUALUXE Xi'an Tanghua|Sofitel Legend People's Grand Hotel Xian|Zuoke Hotel (Xi'an Daduxu Yanpingmen Subway Station)|HUALUXE Xi'an Hi-tech Zone
What are some highly-rated Instagrammable Hotels in Xi'an?
Some highly-rated Instagrammable Hotels in Xi'an include:Canopy by Hilton Xi'an Qujiang:4.8|HUALUXE Xi'an Tanghua:4.8|Sofitel Legend People's Grand Hotel Xian:4.8|Zuoke Hotel (Xi'an Daduxu Yanpingmen Subway Station):4.7|HUALUXE Xi'an Hi-tech Zone:4.9
At what locations in Xi'an can Instagrammable Hotels in Xi'an be found?
The Instagrammable Hotels in Xi'an are mainly located in:Canopy by Hilton Xi'an Qujiang:Xi'an/Qujiang Exhibition Area|HUALUXE Xi'an Tanghua:Xi'an/Qujiang Exhibition Area|Sofitel Legend People's Grand Hotel Xian:Xi'an/Zhonggulou Square|Zuoke Hotel (Xi'an Daduxu Yanpingmen Subway Station):Xi'an/High-tech Zone|HUALUXE Xi'an Hi-tech Zone:Xi'an/High-tech Zone
How much do Instagrammable Hotels in Xi'an cost per night?
Price per night for Instagrammable Hotels in Xi'an:Canopy by Hilton Xi'an Qujiang:From £192.00/night|HUALUXE Xi'an Tanghua:From £145.00/night|Sofitel Legend People's Grand Hotel Xian:From £205.00/night|Zuoke Hotel (Xi'an Daduxu Yanpingmen Subway Station):From £50.00/night|HUALUXE Xi'an Hi-tech Zone:From £82.00/night
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