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About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city carved by numerous canals and waterways. The "Venice of the North" is a "Kingdom of Museums" full of European art. It is also vibrant city perfectly combining spicy temptations with ultra-sweet freedom. Amsterdam is famous throughout the world for its openness and culture. No matter how strangely wild and alternative something is, it can probably be found here, art or otherwise. The famous legal red light district can answer all the questions you may have had about the place. Taking a sightseeing tour of Amsterdam by boat is a unique and charming experience. However, strolling through the streets of the city, the narrow buildings and windows tell the story of a thousand years of history.

Popular Attractions in Amsterdam

340 Reviews
National museum dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam.
Dam Square
358 Reviews
Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Dam Square is known as the “navel” and is a landmark in Amsterdam. There are a variety of cafes, restaurants and bars on Dam Square. The majestic buildings around Dam Square are also worth a visit. The imposing blue-top building on the west side of the square is the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. It is now used as a venue for the reception of the royal family and the new king's succession ceremony. The steeple Gothic church adjacent to the Royal Palace is a new church, which usually hosts organ concerts and exhibitions. To the south of the square is the famous Madame Tussauds, from which the huge round glass overlooks the entire Dam Square.
Royal Palace Amsterdam
179 Reviews
Historical Architecture
The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is one of the four royal palaces in the Netherlands. It was originally a town hall and court. As the political and economic center of the city, it is also an important part of the square and the artist's favorite theme. The highlights here are its architecture and the magnificent decoration in the palace. All places in the citizen's hall are covered with marble. The more eye-catching is the impressive map of the giant hemispheres drawn on the marble floor.
Van Gogh Museum
491 Reviews
Art Gallery
The Van Gogh Museum is located near the Museum Square in Amsterdam. It houses the works of the Dutch painter Van Gogh and related artifacts (as much as one quarter of Van Gogh's total works). The museum contains more than 200 classic Van Gogh oil paintings, 580 sketches, 4 sketchbooks and about 750 letters written by Van Gogh to his brother, Theo. The museum has 4 floors which display his works according to chronological order. You can admire works including "The Potato Eaters", "Sunflowers", "Wheatfields with Crows", "The Harvest", etc.

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Amsterdam Weather

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Trip Moments

Only 10,000 people who came to the Netherlands have been there. Now I secretly tell you that Phalaenopsis Manor
has a punching point that few people know in the Netherlands. It can interact with animals in various ways. It is definitely you. A punching point that cannot be missed.
Phalaenopsis Manor De Orchideen Hoeve
This manor is not so much a manor, it feels more like an amusement park, which includes gardens, tropical rainforests, butterfly gardens and theaters, etc. A total of 25,000 square meters, experience a variety of recreational activities. There are also a variety of activities to experience here.
Feeding fish
Because it also promotes parent-child activities, I personally feel that everyone here is active. Feeding fish should be the most common item, but it is not ordinary fish, red-tailed fish and tiger-mouthed fish, all of which are super-large fish. Buying fish food costs 1 Euro ~
Butterfly Garden
This is the most popular place in the entire estate, is said to have more than 2,000 butterflies, and some blue, which is hard to see Butterfly, paper butterfly and owl butterfly, etc.
If you have the chance, you can also have a wedding in this butterfly garden! Wearing a wedding dress, there are thousands of butterflies behind you, you can go back here as a fragrant ~
and the animal together
There is a very nice rainbow parrot in Lori Garden, It is said that there is More than 60, you can interact with them here. If you go in with a cup of nectar, you can attract a special parrot to turn around you. You can also explore Treasure Hunt and so on here and then cross the jungle, but remember to bring a set of clothes ~
tickets are many, you can directly book on the official website, it is strongly recommended to buy the anniversary tickets now The most cost-effective, the price is 16 euros, including coffee, snacks and fish nectar.

Phalaenopsis estate near Lutheist, you can take public transportation on weekdays, or you can drive by yourself. There is free parking. If you enter the departure point on their official website, you will be able to help you plan for free~
Posted: 16 Oct 2019
The Dutch travel guide, the first stop, looking for Van Gogh and his sunflower
here is a famous lowland country, is the European origin of the famous Eurasian Continental Bridge and one of the founding members of the European Union. When it comes to the first impression in the Netherlands, it is estimated that the windmill is paralyzed. The Netherlands is famous for its seawalls, windmills, tulip pots and tolerant social atmosphere. So it is not surprising to mention the windmill when it comes to the Netherlands. Here is global happiness. The index ranks sixth in the country, so the Netherlands is definitely a good place to travel and punch.
The capital of the Netherlands, of course, is the first stop in the Netherlands, and the famous Van Gogh Museum of Art is located in the capital. The museum contains almost all of Van Gogh's famous paintings, so it is a good place for tourists to punch in. For artists, this is a place to punch.

This famous artist is said to have lived in the village of Nuenen in the Netherlands for almost three years, so there are many paintings in the art museum that are his realistic paintings here. Some people even think that this is his life abbreviation.

You can take the tram or subway to get here, it is quite convenient, you can feel the local customs by the way. Don't forget to go online to buy tickets in advance.
Maybe you know just a few of his very famous works for Van Gogh, you can see it here! For example, the famous "Sunflower" and "Self-portrait"! It is a pity that "Starry Sky" is not here.
When visiting, be sure to remember to rent a Navigator and take a map, all in Chinese. Of course, if you can understand the English, you may get more information~
, the exhibition area is forbidden to take pictures! This must be noted.
Posted: 11 Oct 2019


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