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Suomo River Canyon

Suomo River Canyon

4.6/515 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Barkam Amazing Natural Scenery
9.3km from downtown
"Anyone who travels to Seda in Malkang will transit in Malkang. We arrived at Malkang through the grassland Hongyuan County where the Red Army’s Long March passed through the eight-hour journey from Songpan County. Malkang is a long and narrow section sandwiched between the Suomo River and the mountain, with a very narrow width. Its passenger station is located in the east of the county seat. I originally booked to the west of the county, which is 5 kilometers away from the passenger terminal. After arriving, I found that to take the bus to Seda at 12:40 noon the next day, you must come to the passenger terminal and get on the bus. It takes time and fares to toss back and forth. Happily, the hotel upstairs from the bus station is not expensive, and a room for two people is 50-120 yuan per night. What's more gratifying, the bus station, to the famous scenic spot Zhuokeji Tusi Guanzhai and Xisuo Folk House, is only 5 kilometers eastward. We started walking at 7:00 the next morning and arrived at the sights at 8:10. At 10 o'clock, we walked back to the hotel again from the scenic spot, just in time to catch the 12:40 car. . Because of the small number of passengers, the bus from the county town to the scenic spot will only be available after 10, and will return from the scenic spot at 11:00. If you live in the county seat, which is more than 8 kilometers away from the scenic spot, you can only take a taxi to play in the scenic spot in the morning. This scenic spot can be played well in about 2 hours."
Polingjiasa Heritage Park

Polingjiasa Heritage Park

4.7/510 Reviews
Ranked #3 in Barkam Local History
723m from downtown
"This place makes you feel very relaxed. Tibetan friends say that Polingjiasa is worth a visit, it has a long history since the Tang Dynasty, is a collection of Tibetan and Han politics, the economic, religious, cultural, military strategic fortress equals a historical site. Hearing of this, I am reminded of the infinite longing,,, along the Suomo River Bank to the Poling Jiasa ruins cable bridge. The bridge, a steel cable bridge, the deck and railings are laid out on board, moving around the bridge deck, used to the level of steel or concrete bridge, a little bit of a trance in the heart. The Suoma River, which has been flowing slowly and quietly, reached the narrow section of the cable bridge at the site of Polingjiasa, where the current began to become swift and violent, and the roaring water, which made a deafening sound. Like the ancient battlefield of Poling Jiasa, the sound of the thousands of troops and horses, lead me this first-time person into the " battlefield". Through the cable bridge, along the steep bank of the qiang sky wood stairway and up, on the face of the qiang color forest, printed the Tibetan Buddhist doctrine of the yellow, red, white, green, blue and other five color qiang, by long ropes, cross together, all the places highlight the mystery of Tibetan Buddhism. In this place of malkang, the fusion of various schools of tibetan buddhism, huang jiao, nima jiao, etc., through the huai lin, a golden glittering penthouse, into the eye, a few devout tibetan amo, mouth chanting buddhist language, Around this penthouse circle after circle to touch the chanting tube, solemn and no more devout, praying for the family peace, health, longevity, happiness, thanks to this land and the blessing of the good life. Tibetan compatriots here, for the life and death cycle look indifferent, for life and nature has unlimited love. Today's climbing, not much of the response of the plateau, the pace is strong and strong, breathing fresh and earthy gusts, bathed in the hot sun, I along the winding steps, occasionally holding the wooden fence, strode up. All the way up, hardly meet other visitors, although alone, but see every scenery, no matter close or far, the eye-eyed mountains, water, trees, the blue sky, white clouds,, up, steep mountains, road twists and turns, there is "one man when the Guan Wan Fu Mo open" trend. Here is only so in the Tang Dynasty set up the capital guard, the terrain is dangerous, according to the mountains and rivers, according to the danger and guard, easy to protect, since ancient times has become the military fight. Against the bright sun, look up, several lonely, towering castles into the eye. Now, these castles, which were flat and solid, unbreakable and indestructible, were covered with weeds and bushes. Walking in the kneeless hedges and clumps, the thoughts of this moment were undulating and undulating in the shift of time and space. Thinking: in those days, the iron horse ginger, fire day, thousands of troops, will be one-hearted, Tibetan Han family, all the enemy, all arrows, the shattering, in the army of the enemy will be the head of the horse, how magnificent, how happy! ! ! Sigh, time passes, years are not trace, ancient history feats, all the brightness of all the years are the rivers."