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Things To Do in Barkam

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Cultural Experiencial Area
有态度的拍拍The Zhuokeji Tusi official village is large in size, fine in structure, almost includes the essence of Jiarong Tibetan architecture art, is a highly integrated model of Tibetan-Khan architecture art. The design is full of sense, bright colors and beautiful people dazzling.
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Ancient Villages
60岁极省自由行The Tibetans in Jiarong are actually an independent people. The literature from the beginning of the Republic of China to 1953 years ago called the ethnic groups in Jiarong area as "Jiarong ethnic group". In 1954, the first National People's Congress announced that the "Jiarong" as the Tibetan, and henceforth, for convenience, called "Jiarong Tibetan." So the village architecture of the village of Marconxisuo is not entirely Tibetan. The village is still relatively primitive.
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老老倪Changlie Temple is located on the hillside of Changlie Mountain in Malkang City, Ayusu, Sichuan. It is 3400 meters above sea level and 900 meters from the Soma River Valley. It belongs to the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism. The wall is made of granite masonry, steel concrete structure, hollow carved dragon pillars, huge murals, white marble square pillars, mahogany decoration materials, excellent carvings, lighting Italy, golden Buddha Nepal, roof All the gold is gilded, and the whole temple is magnificent.
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60岁极省自由行Anyone who travels to Seda in Malkang will transit in Malkang. We arrived at Malkang through the grassland Hongyuan County where the Red Army’s Long March passed through the eight-hour journey from Songpan County. Malkang is a long and narrow section sandwiched between the Suomo River and the mountain, with a very narrow width. Its passenger station is located in the east of the county seat. I originally booked to the west of the county, which is 5 kilometers away from the passenger terminal. After arriving, I found that to take the bus to Seda at 12:40 noon the next day, you must come to the passenger terminal and get on the bus. It takes time and fares to toss back and forth. Happily, the hotel upstairs from the bus station is not expensive, and a room for two people is 50-120 yuan per night. What's more gratifying, the bus station, to the famous scenic spot Zhuokeji Tusi Guanzhai and Xisuo Folk House, is only 5 kilometers eastward. We started walking at 7:00 the next morning and arrived at the sights at 8:10. At 10 o'clock, we walked back to the hotel again from the scenic spot, just in time to catch the 12:40 car. . Because of the small number of passengers, the bus from the county town to the scenic spot will only be available after 10, and will return from the scenic spot at 11:00. If you live in the county seat, which is more than 8 kilometers away from the scenic spot, you can only take a taxi to play in the scenic spot in the morning. This scenic spot can be played well in about 2 hours.
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CD云上The first stop of self-driving Tibet from Chengdu is located in Mengbiliangzi, Mucheng Village, Lianghekou Town, Xiaojin County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is a snow-capped mountain that the Red Army crossed during the northward anti-Japanese journey. For me, the real beauty, the feeling of hot June shoes stepping on the snow, is very good ~ the best scenery is on the road!
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Historical Site
老老倪Vairocana is located on the mountainside of Vairocana Mountain in Malkang City, Ayan 30, Sichuan Province, on the north bank of Somabuk Valley, with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. Vairuza, a Tibetan writer and translator of the Tang Dynasty, practiced here and left many sacred sites. The entrance of the Shengxiang Cave is 20 meters in height and 30 meters in depth. The temple is built in the cave. The cave is surrounded by visions, and there are many holy sites. After arriving at the existing bicycle lane, walk down the steel ladder to arrive.

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Xisuo VillageAbazhou,China

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Zhuo Ke Ji Tusi Official Manor Cultural and Tourist Scenic AreaAbazhou,China

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