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Monibao Tangka Zhanlan CenterNearby City

Monibao Tangka Zhanlan Center

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Ranked #16 in Xiahe Can't Miss Attractions
72.9km from Xunhua,
"Tangka is a unique painting art form in Tibetan culture, called "Encyclopedia" is also a valuable intangible cultural heritage in Chinese folk art. The creation process of the people's Tangka is very particular, from the pre-painting ceremony, preparation of canvas, positioning of the draft, Coloring, collaring, gold drawing, eye opening, sewing and other processes to open light. It takes more than a decade to draw a simple Thangka, complex years. Xiahe County, based on the Labrador cultural resources endowment, built the Chinese town of Labrador Thangka, This is a Thangka art exhibition and experience base, heritage and training base, creation and sales base. Thangka town currently enters the enterprise and studios dozens of, famous painters have Thangka national representative successors Xirebu, Jiao Bagabu, Thangka craftsman Tanzeng, Caiyang Suonan and others. Their works in Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan, Tibet and other Tibetan areas and the developed cities in China have a large number of favorites and collectors. Tangka by hand painting Tangka is generally divided into four types, namely: red Tang, black Tang, gold Tang, color Tang. Black Tang is to red as the bottom, on the black canvas depicting Tangka, generally with serious content; Red Tang is also to red as the background color Tangka; Color Tang is white on the depicting color content, is the most common one of Tangka; Gold Tang is the most precious, usually after the spread of gold foil, with agate pen a line a line portrayed, the labor and skills are other Tangka can not match."
Hezheng Gudongwu Huashi MuseumNearby City

Hezheng Gudongwu Huashi Museum

4.5/540 Reviews
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Ranked #18 in Linxia Can't Miss Attractions
90.7km from Xunhua,
"The Wasei fossil Museum is a national second class museum located in the new village of ryojisho, joseki chin, Wasei Prefecture. The exhibition of fossils of the four ancient fauna of Hezheng and the ecological restoration exhibition of the four ancient fauna of Hezheng are now on display, and more than 1500 pieces of fossils of ancient animals representing the four fauna are exhibited at different times. Among them, "Hezheng four great fossils of ancient fauna" won the 10th National Museum exhibition exhibition of the 10 Boutique Award. Since the opening of the museum, the museum has received over 1 million visitors, and has been named the National Youth Science Education Base, the Gansu Patriotic Education Base, the Gansu Green Unit Construction Environmental Education Demonstration Base, the Institute of Paleovertebrates and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Political Science Research Base. The fossils in the present collection are more than 30,000, belonging to more than 150 genera of 3 classes and 8 orders. The four different mammals of the late Cenozoic, which are buried in four different lithological strata in Hezheng area, occupy the most of the six worlds, namely the world's unique Hezheng sheep, the world's largest fossil-producing area of the three-toed horses, The world's richest individual series of spade dentures, the world's first Quaternary cape dentures, the world's largest real horse Escherichia mare and the world's largest hyena python."