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22 Reviews
deanyWhen I came to the foot of Tiandu Mountain, the venue was not big, so I started to visit from the basement level. First, I went to the small theater to watch a video about drift ice, showing the growth of drift ice with five screens, and I felt a little dizzy when sitting too close. Walking out of the screening hall, a popular science introduction about the formation of drift ice was displayed. What is magical in the biological tank is a small creature called "drift ice angel". The whole body is transparent and the body and head are slightly red. When swimming in the water Like a little angel flapping its wings. Then I came to the drift ice somatosensory room, where natural drift ice is preserved in the room at minus 15 degrees. If you feel cold, you can rent winter clothes, but it's actually fine for a short time.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
马拉唧唧🐔Today's group is very delicious, the shape is also very good, the smell is very unique, I have eaten very good food, I will come back to this place to buy the group. The restaurant is in a very good environment, very clean and tidy, the food is not only beautiful in shape, but also important for the taste is very good and the color and taste are good. The method keeps the original taste of the ingredients, and it is refreshing and crisp.
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Modern Architecture
suifeng2019The location of Beibin Station is very good. It is located in the center of the bay and the nearest is only a few meters away from the coast. Coming to the waiting room, the walls here are plastered with blessings and wishes from tourists.
2 Reviews
coo***anI once took a field trip because I went to a school in Yokohama. Since it was a pretty serious mountain road, it felt very light and dangerous when I entered the mountain. Of course, shoes were not good at fashionable shoes. Even sneakers ... If equipped properly, you can enjoy a forest bath and you can also encounter wild squirrels (Taiwan squirrels), so it is recommended to be in a pleasant season in early summer.
47 Reviews
享旅世界This Abashiri Prison Museum is located at the foot of Mount Tiandu, a suburb of Abashiri, Hokkaido, Japan. It is an open museum converted from a real prison with a history of more than 100 years. Tickets are required to enter the museum. It belongs to the Abashiri Tour Bus Line The first attraction. In the past, some labor and living facilities in Abashiri Prison were scattered all over the hillside. Most of them have been damaged over time, but what we see now is rebuilt intact. There is a modern prison history hall in the museum, which systematically introduces the history of Abashiri prison and the situation of supervision facilities. The most important cultural relic in the Abashiri Prison Museum is a well-preserved prison. Unlike other cells that are neatly arranged, this cell has a spoke-like structure.
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deanyThe cliffs protruding to the Sea of Okhotsk and the black and white lighthouses stand quietly-Notor Cape is a landmark attraction in Hokkaido and part of Abashiri quasi-national park. In addition to the familiar "If You Are the One", "Antarctic Cook" and "Sakura Sakura in the North" are also filmed here. A special sign was set up to read the location of "If You Are the One". "Cape" means cape in Japanese, which is the pointed land part that protrudes into the sea or lake. It is also chartered (the traffic in Hokkaido is a bit difficult in winter). I was fortunate enough to come here twice and see different scenery in summer and winter. Standing here has a wide view. To the west is the lake and the magnificent coastline, and to the east is the Shiretoko mountain range. Summer is paved with grassland and flowers. Against the blue sky, the sea is as clear as the bottom. In winter, it is covered with white. It feels a little barren at the end of the world. You can see the wonders of drift ice, not to be missed. Address: Misaki, Abashiri City, Hokkaido

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Umi no FurusatomuraAbashiri,Japan

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Abashiri Drift Ice Sightseeing & Icebreaker ShipAbashiri,Japan

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Patchwork RoadAbashiri,Japan

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