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907 Reviews
M38***10Tianlangqiqing scenery is still very beautiful Xi'an drives to Ankang City for a night. The next day, I visit the Wuhu Scenic Area. Tickets + boat tickets are slightly expensive for 110 per person. In fact, the boat ticket is not expensive. Because I have been on a boat for a long time. I go to three islands to take children. It is recommended to take children without a cart. Because it doesn't need to be basic I have to hug. I went there before it was foggy. It still feels beautiful on a sunny day.
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M35***80Nanmiyashan Forest Park is composed of five scenic spots: Erlangping, Jinding, volcanic stone, alpine foothills and Lotus Village. "Known for the true body of the master, the quaternary glacier remnants and the primitive secondary forests of the Paleozoic volcanoes, the masters of the Gao Seng Yi, and the masters of the Paleozoic volcanoes, and with the care and support of the leaders at the provincial, municipal and county levels, the state-run forestry general farm in the county was built for 13 years, and the tourism infrastructure was built." Service facilities and attractions have been built to achieve achievements, and now it is a tourist attraction for tourism, leisure and holiday, summer and summer vacation in the adjacent areas of Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan and Fujian.
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辉辉与姗姗First of all, it is worth going, about 1 and a half hours on foot. Self-driving tour went, today is very lucky, I actually saw the rainbow bridge, various ancient stones, more suitable for relaxation, the scenic spot will not be very dry when walking, in general, it is very cool, the scenery is pleasant, wait for the next Grand Canyon rafting
209 Reviews
M39***65This is the most famous scenic spot in Ankang, now the city forest park, citizens morning exercise and walk leisure choice, natural oxygen bar, fresh air, contaminated with eight immortals of the celestial gas.
231 Reviews
M41***74Very good! The family is very happy, there are mountains and water, the scenery in the cave is good, the charm of nature is amazing! Worth the visit! The old town of the iron is not interesting! A satisfactory trip!
107 Reviews
M36***22The natural scenery of the scenic spot is very good, very suitable for holiday play, it is recommended, is a good place to summer, winter shelter, you can come here directly ...

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Zhongba CanyonAnkang,China

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Yinghu LakeAnkang,China

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Xiangxi CaveAnkang,China

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Shuhe Ancient TownAnkang,China

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Mount Youran Alpine Wetlands Scenic Area, Qinling Mountains, Shaanxi ProvinceAnkang,China

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Yanxiang CaveAnkang,China

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Ankang Travel Tips

About Ankang

Ankang is located in the southeast of Shaanxi Province. It is known for its biodiversity and wide range of Chinese medicinal herbs. The area also has a rich history and is home over 650 historical sites including ruins, temples, stone inscriptions and cultural relics. There are also Taoist and Buddhist temples, mosques, churches and an ancient tomb from the Southern Song dynasty.

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