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Things To Do in Anqiu

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370 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
M47***46The scenery is good, there are many rides, the park is too big, the route is not clear, the attractions are not shopping, the May Day Racecourse is not open, the suspension bridge is blocked, generally it is very suitable for children to play.
61 Reviews
蕙质兰心蕙质兰心Driving a eye-catching city carving, parking a careful look, the book "China Sesame Fragrance Liquor first town", indicating Jingzhi town. When Jingzhi was mentioned, it immediately reminded me of two national 4A-level tourist attractions, Qilu wine fields, wine cities and Jingzhi wine, Jingzhi Xiaochao, Zhifu roasted meat. Why not take this tour?
100 Reviews
Amusement Park
idreamerMade a ferris wheel, shark island, carousel, airplane, space walk. The little train could only be made by children, and he didn't dare to let them do it, but he changed the merry-go-round. The child is having fun!
62 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
_We***90Beginners can go, steep slopes are not very afraid, my foreign friends and I went to the video is my foreign friends video me, in their country rarely see snow so he is happy, hope to bring my foreign friends a happy day.
33 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
蕙质兰心蕙质兰心"Wine City" is a national 4A-level scenic spot located in Jingzhi Town, Anqiu, Weifang, Shandong. It is named by Ouyang stone, a calligraphy master of China. It is a special building modeled after Chinese-style architecture with the content of displaying wine culture. It is built by Jingzhi Wine Cultural Exhibition Center. The Jingzhi Wine Cultural Exhibition Center is divided into seven parts: the preface hall, the historical wine source, the brewing art, the characters wine, the cultural wine, the reputation of the wine and the wine tasting area. In this scenic spot, the viewer can not only browse the extensive and profound wine culture of China and the world, but also can omni-directional and three-dimensionally appreciate the ancient town landscape, brewing technology, humanistic landscape, scientific research achievements, brilliant process, achievement distinction, The Jiucheng Square, covering an area of 25,000 square meters and a building area of 3,600 square meters, is a Han style building, composed of six major components, including the Jiuzhiyuan Square, the Jiuzu Hall, the Sacrifice Square, the Jiudaoyuan, the Visitor Center and the Qushuiliu Square. The Jiuzhicheng square is mainly about the cultural and historical landscape of wine, and it displays the history of wine, wine culture, the customs of ancient town and the historical context, from the origin of wine to the way of wine tasting, and so on.
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Historical Site
M35***80Daoguang Nine Years, 35 kilometers southwest of Anqiu Stone Mill, built in Daoguang Nine Years (1829) in the Qing Dynasty, is a festival for the Mawao Yuwife Wang clan in the village of Jingshang, an outstanding stone sculpture art building. In 1992, the government of Shandong Province designated as the provincial key cultural relics protection unit.

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Qingyunshan Ski FieldWeifang,China

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Qingyun Mountain Folk-custom Amusement ParkWeifang,China

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Anqiu Travel Tips

About Anqiu

Anqiu (安丘) is a county-level city under the administration of Shandong Province, located in the central region of the Shandong Peninsula. Anqiu has a long history and many tourist attractions, some of the most popular being the natural landscapes of the Liushan Paleovolcano National Forest Park, the Qingyun Mountain Folk-custom Amusement Park, and the Qinglong Lake Scenic Area, as well as cultural sites such as the Anshang Stone Memorial Archway and the Great Wall of Qi. Of these attractions, the Qingyun Mountain Folk-custom Amusement Park is a large-scale, comprehensive tourist area featuring folk culture, combining sightseeing, leisure activities, entertainment, vacationing and shopping all in one destination.

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21 Oct, 2021 Anqiu Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 46%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:15/17:20
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