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M23***04Huainan Bamboo Sea is worth going. Due to the service, you can choose the self-driving ticket for 100 yuan. If you enter the scenic spot, you can not go out of the gate. Tickets are valid. You can also take a sightseeing car, then buy a set ticket of 118 yuan. Both ways are convenient. It is convenient to enter the scenic spot to eat, live and travel. There are high-end hot spring homestays and clean farmhouses. There are special bamboo banquets and Zheng Erba Chicken Soup.
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Cable Car
角色扮演Share the travel experience. First traffic. I drove to the scenic spot by myself. But now to the scenic spot there is a tourist center on the road outside the west gate 2.5. So where the car must be parked. Buy a sightseeing ticket for 55 people. Go inside by car. If your accommodation is set in the scenic area, you must register at the visitor center. The second is that the various scenic spots are relatively far from each other in the scenic spots. It is recommended to choose a good route. It takes two days to swim all the basics, if you swim in one day. Just go up from the ropeway to the highest point. Others choose by yourself. Dining inside the scenic spot is a bit expensive. Basic forty and fifty-one dishes.
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滇国剑客The scenery of the seven-hole ditch is made of various landscape trees and excellent herbs, whose flowers blooming and green trees evergreen scenery, let people have a kind of walk not tired, particularly comfortable feeling.
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Flower Fields
唐唐0218Another suggestion is to open a direct shuttle bus to Huahai from Yibin city, and open an online ticketing service, which can satisfy those who don’t have a car at home. After all, there are more people in this group, and some tourists from other places who travel to Yibin by high-speed train. I have been there a few times in the car, but every time I want to organize a family to play and get off the car and can’t sit down, I have to give up. There is also the retired old mother at home. I wanted to play with her classmates and friends because I didn’t. If you know how to drive, you have to forget it. In fact, as long as the traffic is convenient, business will definitely be better
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清风若溪Sichuan Yibin Colorful Waterfall: Located in Yibin Changning County, Sichuan Province, the southern Bamboo Sea scenic area, not far from Wanli town. The river water flowing from the depths of the Bamboo Sea fell vertically into the valley under Huilong Bridge, forming a fourth-class waterfall, the third-class is the most spectacular. When the sun shines through the water mist to form a rainbow, the rainbow falls are named.
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Geological Sites
喜欢的昵称都被人使用了Mei-ling was my birthplace, so I always wanted to see the ancient stone forest (now the western bamboo forest) after knowing that it had been developed into a sight. This year, our sisters returned home to sweep the graves of their grandfathers, and finally got to go. We were 11 people in our group and had a very happy time for a few hours. The beauty of the bamboo stone forest really made us linger. I didn't expect that we had walked all over the mountains and waters of the motherland, and I didn't expect the most beautiful scenery to be around. Next time we have time, we will definitely go again!

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Shunan Zhuhai (“South Sichuan Bamboo Sea”) National ParkYibin,China

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Shunan Zhuhai MuseumYibin,China

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Shihai Dongxiang (Stone Sea & Land of Caves)Yibin,China

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Bamboo Sea Acadia Shentang Hot SpringYibin,China

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Cableway in the Shunan Bamboo SeaYibin,China

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Shunan HuahaiYibin,China

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Changning Travel Tips

About Changning

Located on the southern edge of the Sichuan Basin, Changning County has a high elevation on the south side descending to a low elevation on the north. There are low and medium mountains on its southern side, while the center and northern portions are hilly. Major rivers include the Changning River. Changning County has four distinct seasons and an outstanding climate that makes the land very productive for products like loquat, sweet oranges, and bamboo. There are also many travel destinations. The Shu’nan Bamboo Forest has been listed as one of China’s top 40 tourism destinations and is a China biosphere reserve. Another famous site is the Xianyu Cave (仙寓洞 - “Divinities’ Residence Cave”), located in a natural stone cavity in a cliff. A dense bamboo forest covers the top of the cave, while beneath it is the Zhuhai (“Bamboo Sea”) Grand Canyon (竹海大峡谷). The scenery is excellent, whether you view the cave up-close or from a distance.

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