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51 Reviews
美食旅行家岳妮倪Loved to visit the zoo most, you can pan small animals! Changyi Qingshan Xiushui tourist resort, very interesting! First of all, it was originally a quartz pit, and later according to the terrain rebuilt the geo-mine zoo, bird park, car camp, sun island and other areas. I like the zoo especially, you can feed the lemurs with long tails, the little lemurs are so cute, the paws are so soft, touch you when very gentle, very shy and gentle small animals. Another interesting place is that the sightseeing car is for the convenience of climbing the slope, using the wood-powered tractor, accelerator, a sudden pull a hanger old vitality! The entrance fee is only 50 yuan, there is no need to spend money to go in, and there are discounts for the elderly and children, it is 2 hours drive on the weekend, very suitable for family travel.
77 Reviews
Botanical Garden
M40***22It''s very beautiful. You can see some old buildings.There are many animals. I think you should go there to have a look.Have a good time!
6 Reviews
City Park
wbclawyerBeihai Park is the earliest park in Changyi City, there is a small lake in the park, there are rockery, the garden has a variety of flowers and trees, the green rate is relatively high, the park is free to open, is the surrounding residents daily leisure fitness good place. Spring warm flower season, go to the park, look at flowers and plants, the mood is comfortable.
4 Reviews
lingliziToday, spring is bright, sunshine is just right, the annual pear flower festival opened again. Located in the changyi city Yinma town Shanyang village of Bolu Mountain scenic spot, thousands of acres of pear trees flowering in full bloom, attracted a large number of tourists and citizens, Qingming Festival to take a step here. Manshan is full of pears, people are competing to take pictures of flowers, joy is unparalleled 😄
4 Reviews
lingliziOn the Weihe River in Changyi, there is a well-preserved ancient village in Shandong Province, Qixi Village in Longchi Town, Changyi. It is 50 kilometers away from the downtown area of Weifang. It has a history of nearly 600 years, talented people have emerged in large numbers, and villagers still live here. The stone steps and alleys in the village are connected to each other. Walking on the stone road, it feels like time travels to come to a paradise where men and women work hard, and the elderly and children enjoy themselves. It is a free attraction, and there is a farmhouse to solve lunch. It took half a day. Recommended.
4 Reviews
wbclawyerThe city government built the scenic area in the course of the construction of the water conservancy project on both sides of the Huaihe River. Here, the planning and design are good, many trees and flowers have been planted. There are paths in the scenic area, the landscape is picturesque. It is not far from the city, there are not many tourists, and the transportation is very convenient.

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