Emek Hulah
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Things To Do in Emek Hulah

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_We***86The Sea of Galilee is beautiful. Nearby are Tiberias, the house of Peter, and the Baptism site where John the Baptist is said to have practiced. The views alone are worth the trip. Enjoy!
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yangniziThe Church of the Miracle of Instant Cake, located on the shore of Lake Galilee. It commemorates the story of Jesus feeding 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fishes while preaching in Galilee. The fish cake pattern paved with mosaics also appears on various tourist crafts.
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悠游麦兜Unlike other attractions, Capernaum in Tiberias in northern Israel is not famous for its church, even though it was once the residence of St. Peter based on textual research, and Jesus moved here when he started preaching and built a church. . The most famous here is an ancient ruin near the church-Capernaum. It used to be an important meeting place for Judaism, and it is very large. Even if only the ruins of the year are left, you can still get a glimpse of the scale of the year.
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yangniziThe land on both sides of the Jordan River is fertile and the scenery is beautiful, but it is the many historical and religious relics on both sides that make the Jordan River famous. According to legend, the ancient Israelites passed this river and entered Canaan, the “land promised by God”. Jesus was also baptized here before embarking on the thorny road of preaching. Before the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea, there are two famous bridges across the Jordan River, namely the Abdullah Bridge and the Allenby Bridge. They are the border bridges between Israel and Jordan. Between the two bridges, 8 kilometers away from the desert oasis Jericho, according to legend, Jesus was baptized here.
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更行更远的我There is nothing that cannot be mosaicked... The Galilee Cruise Ship Pier is attracted by a long stone platform as soon as it arrives at the pier. This is the long stone platform for tourists to sit for a while, but it is paved with mosaics. Sitting there, I saw the abandoned bicycle on the opposite side of the road. I still complained about how no one was taking care of it. I was defamation, and I was surprised to find that the wheels were a bit different, none of them were solid. I walked over and found that it was mosaic art again
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更行更远的我Located on the Mount of Beatitudes on the shore of Lake Galilee in Israel, there is a church called the Church of the Beatitudes. Surrounded by mountains and lakes, the appearance is clean and beautiful. As soon as he entered the garden, eight small stone tablets waited quietly on the side of the road, with the "Blessings" engraved on them. It takes only a few minutes to go around the periphery of the church, and there are many classic stories in it. Here is to visit the church, there is no ticket to say.