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Things To Do in Fujisawa

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M34***68A peninsula near the coast of southern Hunan is the place where Sendo is often fishing in "Slam dunkers". There are aquariums, rock houses, dragon love bells, Edo Shrine and other attractions, is a good place for couples to date, friends to travel.
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suifeng2019Entering the ocean kingdom, the blue ocean style makes the entire aquarium feel cooler. All kinds of beautiful and smart creatures look cute and interesting. We also watched a dolphin show in the zoo.
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小思文Kamakura University front station is a good place for taking pictures, especially here the vendors will be more business, sell a lot of animation characters some clothes, especially the dunkers are more popular, take pictures of people.
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无目的闲逛The weather is amazing. This blue sky, this white cloud. That feeling is not everyday. Any broken camera, mobile phone, just a shot is the pictorial effect. Fresh air is the first impression.
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大姐小露開心果Enoshima, about an hour from Tokyo Is a seaside resort in summer Since the Kamakura period Enoshima It is the island of faith where many believers come to worship Sunny weather today Lucky to see Mount Fuji Happy Good luck Gourmet Food It's really Enoshima Can enjoy the vast sea view You can also experience the tranquility of Tokyo suburbs Feel the beauty of nature~
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鱼老蓓⛰[Attraction Guide] Small spot in Kamakura-Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine 💗Recommendation reason: It is one of the three big Hachiman Shrines, and the chief sacrificial gods are the Hachiman three gods: Emperor Yingshen, God of Bisar, and Empress of Shen Gong. They were stopped before they got to the palace, but found out that they were doing some ritual, especially orthodox, and very serious: one by one, they walked over at the corresponding pace and movement. All of us have to wait for them to pass before letting us go on their way. The dance hall leading to the main palace is a place where dances are performed in the palace. The "Dance of Silence" performed at the Kamakura Festival held in April every year is worth seeing. The dance hall is a place where dance music and folk wedding ceremonies are held. According to legend, before the establishment of the dance hall, the beloved concubine of the tragic military commander Gen Yoshitsune Jingyuqian was the place where Gen Yoshitsune performed the dance, but the poems she danced and sang were aimed at Gen Yoshitsune. Believers and tourists from all over the country stepped up religiously and orderly to visit the patron saint, the god of war and the god of war in the Hachiman Palace. There were real ceremonies on that day, and people were forbidden to enter. Only by showing some kind of invitation can you enter. 📌Little Tips: Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine was the center of faith for the guardian deity of the samurai in the Middle Ages, and it is still the symbol of Kamakura today. Founded in 1063, the first general of the Kamakura shogun, Gen Yoshito, used to set up a division here and defeated the enemy Hei clan. 🌟Highlights and features: 1⃣️The "dedication" at the entrance is very shocking (the various colorful chrysanthemums placed here are carefully cultivated by local Japanese residents at home and sent to this dedication shrine). The Komachi Street that goes out of the palace gate leads to the east exit of Kamakura Station. On both sides of the road, there are rows of shops selling special snacks such as dumplings and pancakes, and souvenirs of Kamakura. In the middle of the street, there is a tree-lined road one section higher than the driveway, and on both sides there are traditional stone lamps from Japanese shrines, and a large red torii gate is built at the beginning of the road. Visitors and visitors to the shrine can leisurely walk to the shrine through this straight tree-lined road. The straight path in front of the shrine is called Duan Ge. 2⃣️Ichi no Torii is a stone Myojin Torii, made of Mikage Stone (granite) from Inujima, Bizen Country, 8.5m high and 92cm in diameter. 📍Detailed address: After walking this road, we arrived at Kamakura Station.