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Things To Do in Guangrao

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367 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
雪儿Guangrao County, Sun Wuhu, Sun Tzu Cultural Park displays Sun Wu and Sun Tzu culture everywhere. The weapons are many in the weapons museum, its Chinese treasure weapons: Yue Wang goujian sword, Wu Wangfu sword, etc., walking in the exhibition hall, through the history of weapons development, harvested more. There are 13 bridges in the garden, and the 13 part of "Sun Tzu Hyoho" corresponds to the topography bridge, the military bridge, the kuhata bridge, the military battle bridge, the imasa bridge, the military bridge, the military bridge, the attack bridge, the operation bridge, the shikibashi bridge, the use bridge, the fire bridge, and the kujibashi bridge. In particular, the sightseeing car of the scenic spot is not humane enough. These places are not stoping. The garden is too big to be improved. Tickets: 120 yuan, free for people over 60 years old. Parking is convenient and the fee is very low.
80 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
2017-云子1-1Really good, the environment is good, I went with my children, the children had fun, stay away from the city, no traffic jams, not many pools, the temperature is okay………………………………………… …
87 Reviews
天道酬勤6257Anime red scenic spot fly very beautiful here, I take the children and wife often come here to play, this place is so beautiful, like here, if you have time, everyone can come here to see, turn around, play a game, live broadcast change.
34 Reviews
Water Park
_WB***28My family went there last Saturday, and there were scary cars at the door. When I went in, I didn't feel that many. At that time, the tickets were scanned and sent to the circle of friends, 99 yuan for two people, the discount was OK, and it was said that the original price would be purchased next time. After entering the door, the management fee is ten yuan. The venue is very large. Children can play except for the more exciting ones. The charge is reasonable. A bottle of Evergrande mineral water is 4 yuan, a swimming ring is rented for 20 yuan, and a deposit is 40 yuan. You can bring your own, there is a place for inflation. The only thing is that the dressing room is too normal.
Nearby City
23 Reviews
月月鸟的小窝The Dongying History Museum is located in the center of Guangrao County. The museum is small in scale. It introduces some history of Dongying, Shandong. You can go for a stroll!
Nearby City
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Memorial Temple
Historical Architecture
M41***39There is the Southern Song Dynasty Hall, a national key cultural relic protection project in Sun Wu Temple. All are wooden materials without a nail. It is worth seeing. It has a long history and a long history of culture. There are also many inscriptions that record a lot of history.

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Guangrao Travel Tips

About Guangrao

Guangrao is administered by Dongying City in Shandong Province. It is situated to the north of central Shandong, to the south of Dongying City. Guangrao is the birthplace of Sun Tzu, the great military strategist and philosopher from the Spring and Autumn Period. This is also where Shandong’s local traditional opera, Lu opera, and the Qi writing brush, one of China’s four famous writing brushes, originate from. The main attractions include the Main Hall of Guangrao Guandi Temple, the Fujia site, and the Sun Wu Ancestral Hall.

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