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Things To Do in Hanzhong

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Water Conservancy Project
Ancient Trail
_M1***70Well worth a visit to understand the history and culture of the path. Scenic scenery. The boat is also worth the experience. The path on the West Bank is steeper. Experience the hardships of the ancients' path. The zipline project is suspended due to maintenance, but it does not affect the sightseeing. The sculptures and the cultural length on both sides of the road into the scenic spot. The corridor is also very special. You can view it carefully if you don't take the small train.
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Ancient Settlement
曹 操Qingmuchuan Ancient Town ~ National AAAA Class Tourist Scenic Area. It is a town of Ningqiang County, Hanzhong City, located at the junction of Shaanxi, Gansu and Sichuan Provinces. It is connected to Qingchuan County in Sichuan Province in the west and Wudu and Kangxian in the north. It is known as "One Foot Three Provinces" ~ Jiming Three Provinces. It is the most western town in Shaanxi Province, 108 kilometers from the county seat and 197 kilometers from Hanzhong City. Night falls, the entrance of the ancient town on the hillside, there is a view of the town night view of the terrace, in the rain and fog and light, the ancient town is very dreamy. In the morning, early out of the hotel, quiet, dew, let people feel comfortable. The ancient town has excellent natural conditions, good ecological vegetation, rich historical human resources, traditional old neighborhoods, ancient folk customs, folk customs and traditional life, all have unique style painting meaning.
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swt1The price is very affordable, there are not many people in the scenic spot, the scenery is very beautiful, after the ropeway goes up, it is a large grassland, you can see the mountains in the distance. There are colorful flowers on the grassland. Zibai Mountain has a maximum of about 2600 meters. The scenic spot is not far from Zhangliang Temple, and there are some small attractions on the road between. The qin ling is so beautiful.
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139***38Is a very good scenic spot, beautiful scenery and strong viewing. There are not too many tourists. You can experience the excitement of the peaks and turns on the round trip. Special carsick people must prepare their medicine in advance. This ticket is not expensive compared to the size of the scenic spot and the time of the play. It's that the service of the tour guide is a bit too simple. There is basically no introduction all the way. It's just a careful counting of the people. I don't know when the scenic spot was developed after I finished it.
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好景致The Wuhou Temple of Mian County is the real Wuhou Temple, is the first built Wuhou Temple, is the post-Yuan Lord Liu Xie ordered to build, Chengdu Wuhou Temple although the fame is big, there is actually Liu Bei's mausoleum. Here the transportation is convenient, the opportunity should come to see.
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Nature Reserve
费德勒尔韦晏几道Beautiful scenery. The mountains and waters are beautiful. It is a good place to summer. Book online for 45 yuan. If you don't want to climb the mountain, you can take the scenic sightseeing car for 10 yuan to and from. But you still have to walk to the scenic spot for 2 giant pandas and 3 golden monkeys. I was lucky to see it, be aware that it is too hot at noon and they go for a lunch break, not necessarily able to see it.