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_FB***15A new attraction from China, Dagu Glacier Height 4860M above sea level is very beautiful and cold place. The scenic is also beautiful.
138 Reviews
山茶叶蛋糕Kalonggou in Heishui County should be regarded as a lesser-known scenic spot, mainly because there are too many scenic spots in the entire western Sichuan region, and it is often overlooked. In fact, Kalonggou is very beautiful and it is worth a visit. The scenery of Kalonggou can be described in one word: it combines the beauty of the colorful calcified pools of the colorful and windy seas of Jiusaigou and Huanglongzhu.
90 Reviews
136***02May 1 from Bi Penggou to the ancient glacier via the Naizi Valley, by the way to visit Yamai Lake, Loricuo and Lamb Hud, free attractions, Loricuo is very beautiful, the Lamb Hudjo after the earthquake unified reconstruction, the house is built into a look, no history sense, lack of change, serious commercialization, Lack of life breath, back mountain casual look, there is a fir forest and a little feeling. The autumn of the Naizi Valley is definitely beautiful, I look forward to coming back in autumn.
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老吴华哥Black water county because the river runs through the whole territory and the river water is black, said, located in the central Aba, the county seat 2350 meters above sea level. Black water in the mountains stand, hills and hills, school wind confrontation, valley deep, rich tourist resources, the combination of scenic spots complete.
40 Reviews
wps1668Seergu Tibetan Village has a strong Tibetan culture and ethnic customs, and its traditional residential buildings are as beautiful as the natural scenery. Se'er Ancient Tibetan Village is located in the Menghe Grand Canyon of Heishui County, Sichuan. It is divided into upper, middle and lower villages. It is known as the first Tibetan village in northwestern Sichuan.
12 Reviews
Snow Mountain
CD云上The worst time, 19 kilometers up and 21 kilometers down. It's not how hard and far the road is, but the weather. The weather is bad, and the equipment prepared can only withstand minus 5 degrees. The lowest actual temperature in the base camp is nearly minus 20 degrees. Cold to the limit. On the first day, I climbed 19 kilometers of mountain roads with a weight of more than 20 kilograms and went to camp at an altitude of more than 3,800 meters. The starry sky is beautiful at night. But we couldn't fall asleep all night, and we were tortured by the cold every minute and every second, and supported until dawn. It was minus 20 degrees, sleeping in the snow. In the morning, the tent was full of ice, and our sleeping bags were frozen. The hands and feet are not their own. You are more careful when walking in shoes, because it is numb. Afraid to catch it or break it. Because there is no feeling. Only three boys went to the top. Only one reached the top, and the other two had a difference of 40 meters and 60 meters and gave up. High reaction temperature is too low and the body cannot resist. Packed in the morning, walked to the cowshed closest to the campsite to recover a little bit, and hiked down the mountain after the sun shined and the body temperature warmed up.

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Kalong DitchAbazhou,China

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Dagu Iceberg GeoparkAbazhou,China

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Se'ergu XinzangzhaiAbazhou,China

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