Heng County
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Things To Do in Heng County

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M26***50I just encountered the rainy season at that time, and there was a full night of heavy rains at night. When I came, the waterfalls were all yellow. I have never seen such a yellow waterfall. The water flow is particularly turbulent, particularly spectacular, and the width is also very wide. Big, locals say they rarely see
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老黄1971Baohuashan is the legend of the "land of the ruins" of the emperor, which attracted a famous geographer, Xu Xiake, from the Ming Dynasty. During the Mid-Autumn Festival of the Ming Dynasty, Xu Xiake came to Hengzhou to stay at the Yingtian Temple of Baohuashan. He detailed his diary in the temple of the temple, "the temple westward, temple gate quite neat, titled 'Wanshan first', the word is very ancient. Looking at the first, I remember the old title of Jianwenjun. And the pursuit of the Wanli, the people Shi Ling set up ... after the inquiry of monks, and know the handwriting of Jianwen!
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Water Conservancy Project
滇国剑客There is a lot of water in the south, so it is also called the southern water town. Judging from the name and the field scenery, places with water do feel good and have aura. Xijin Lake is naturally a scenic spot that is drawn by water, and it has grown a lot of popularity.
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莞邑虎岭Interesting and fun, I went last year, travel sometimes just a mood release, like the bottom of the fish, before the thunderstorm came, feel bored, eager to get to the water to breathe. Away from one city, to another city, whether it gives you a good or bad feeling, but a little constant, for the unknown landscape, we always hold the puppet and curiosity.
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Ancient Settlement
gz当地向导伊妹儿The Dalu Village Folk Customs Tourist Area has beautiful scenery, charming scenery, unique architectural styles, and unique places. Feel the local folk customs and customs, customs, and feel comfortable and great.
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118***74Overall good, karst cave is quite big! There is no safety officer in the US-China lack of holes and lack of safety signs, and the exit lights are not lit on their own mobile phone lighting. I hope to improve.