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Things To Do in Jianhe

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Hot Springs Resort
袁三哥哥The service really touched me: my child's hand card was accidentally lost, and when I came out, I paid 50 yuan. The cashier said that if I found it, I would return the money to me. It didn't take much. It surprised me that an hour later, the cashier called and said that the hand card was found and put Money returned to me! I really appreciate 🙏, the experience is very good! Overall, great, cost-effective,
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Ancient Settlement
klandyIt's very nice. It's beautiful, especially the night view and the sun just came out in the morning.
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Ancient Settlement
碉堡的九哥👉👉Before you travel, you must see: The ancient town of Zhenyuan is also known as the ancient town of Bagua. The name is derived from the S-shaped crossing of Wuyang River. It consists of three streets connected to each other. The streetside inns, shops and specialty snacks are gathered. The town has more than two thousand years of history. It is the oldest ancient city on the Yungui Plateau. Still a free 5A level attraction, worth seeing 🚗 traffic: 1, train Guiyang North - Zhenyuan, 3-4 hours, hard seat 41.5 yuan / person, after 10 minutes to Zhenyuan Railway Station, take a taxi to the scenic center 2, Qianhu Miaozhai - Zhenyuan, the scenic spot directly to 88 yuan, Only one bus arrives at 14:30 off-season for two hours. 💰 Tickets: Tickets are not charged in the ancient town of Zhenyuan, but the small attractions inside Shipingshan tickets are 26 yuan / person, 55 yuan / person, cruise ship 60 yuan / person (between the new bridge and Zhusheng bridge) ⏳ play time: 1-2 days, blue brick Daiwa during the day, bright and lively at night; It is especially recommended to stay in the ancient town for one night. The first eye of the night scene is really amazing to 🏠 accommodation: The ancient town is not big, there is no clear wall around it, it is actually very convenient to live anywhere, it is more recommended to live near the new bridge, with a balcony to watch the night view of the Wuyang River, Because the new bridge is an important hub connecting the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, the night view is very beautiful. You can also get off at the new bridge by car. You can get off and go to the hotel. You don't have to drag your luggage too far. The point is to live with a balcony to see the night view of the Wuyang River. It is super beautiful at night. The ancient town we arrived at night. The night view was beautiful, we also bought local sweet rice wine and some barbecue on the balcony at night, leisurely drink small wine, enjoy the night view, very comfortable, the next night we went to a bistro to drink small wine, listen to folk songs, there is a Dali Lijiang feeling food: tofu brain, tofu round子, Sour soup fish, artichoke, intestines, porridge, fried porridge, unreal cake, butterfly cake ⛳ Small attraction: ⭐️1, Shiping Mountain Lookout: climb the mountain plus take a photo for about half an hour, young people suggest climbing, the panoramic view on the mountain is very beautiful, there is a section of the Great Wall of Miao at the top, But you should pay attention to the mountain after 10 o'clock in the morning, go down before 17 o'clock in the evening, there is an old man at the top who sells water, not expensive, you can also bring water to it, it will really be thirsty ⭐️2, Qinglong Cave: Religious architecture, interested can go see.
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Historical Architecture
Historical Site
恭城封德彝At that time, I wanted to go to the ancient town, was moved by a picture of the ancient town surrounded by the river. So, this time I went to the ancient town, I also wondered where the beautiful scenery is exactly? We went to the Qinglong Cave of Wuyang River in the early morning of the 2nd day. The Qinglong Cave is actually a Taoist view, built on the mountain. As we climbed along the mountain road of Qinglong Cave, we accidentally saw this best pick-up spot in a Taoist view, and we were able to take pictures of the ancient town surrounded by the Wuyang River. The river is clear, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, and the reflection of the ancient town is peaceful on the Wuyang River.
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M42***60Guiyang local people come to play also feel very good, no commercial atmosphere, the landscape is natural. When I came, it was during the college entrance examination, the whole cruise ship only 5 guests. There had been heavy rain before the day of the tour, so the river was not as clear as it was when I came to play, I could not see the peach blossom jellyfish in the water, but the scenery was still very good, especially for a long time in the city to relax.
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真诚7577An ancient town that I think is quieter and scenically beautiful. The commercial atmosphere on both sides of the water is too strong now. It is very lively at night. The night view is also a good old town. Now it is free and no entrance fee.