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林中行者Take the 317 National Road, must pass Jinchuan County Guanyinqiao town, Guanyinqiao town to the west of the Guanyin Temple named, drive up is a technical work. At present, the temple is being maintained, but most places can visit, after the temple has built a new lotus flower master Buddha, but has not yet opened.
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yuki雪姬When the weather is good, it's so beautiful ~ such a beautiful place or free scenic spot ~ It's really worth it to come in ~ I took a picture of the colorful Xiangyun ~ It's so lucky 👍~~~~~
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City | ​​landmark
滇国剑客This is a mountainous area, with rich agricultural products, especially here, Sydney is famous throughout the country, so for the visit to Jinchuan friends, or more mouthful.
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小花猫大笨熊Through the town of Guanyinqiao, along the Panshan Road to Guanyin Temple, steep mountain road, circle 180 degrees, much like the road of 2015 Wenchuan on the turnip village. On the mountain road overlooking the valley, is still beautiful. The Kannon Bodhisattva temple was built on Mt. nale in 1805 and belonged to the Ningma school. The temple front platform is a great place overlooking the valley ~ the hall is dedicated to the quaint and exquisite four-arm Guanyin statue (Tukiqinbo), the walls around the hall is very beautiful and exquisite, but unfortunately not well protected, has begun to weather and peel off. There was a large specimen of deer in the temple, which we felt like elk. The monks were busy checking the scriptures to be stored in the 14-meter-high statue of Manjusri, which was about to be opened, and were not paying attention to us wandering about the temple. When we ask for advice, a better Chinese monk will introduce us in detail, very warm and thoughtful, have a question and answer, also point to our temple must not miss a few places. The monastics in these non-tourist attractions, the monks are warm and friendly, which left a very good influence on me and brought us a wonderful humanistic experience.
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Flower Fields
滇国剑客Now when people are crowded into the city, the countryside has become people yearn for "hot land", such as the Shaer Township, whether it is here or national customs, or natural scenery, has become the place people like.
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老老倪Jinchuan Town is located in the southeast of Jinchuan County, Ayizhou, Sichuan Province. It has built the country's largest high-quality Sydney production base. There are revolutionary memorial sites in the town, such as the central government of the ethnic minority revolutionary government of the Red Army during the Long March, the Gretessa Central Government, the Dajin Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the Muslim Soviets.

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17 Oct, 2021
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17 Oct, 2021 Jinchuan Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 48%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:16/18:38
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