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Things To Do in Jingbianxian

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Geological Sites
CharlyRecently, because of the new car, I always want to find the surrounding attractions. Last year, I heard about Jingbian Wave Valley by chance. I checked the pictures online with my wife on Friday. I felt very beautiful. I left early Saturday morning directly. Wave Valley is located in Jingbian County, Gansu Province, 310 kilometers from Yinchuan City, it takes about 3 and a half hours to drive, the scenic spot ticket costs 100 yuan, and the glass path costs 50 yuan. The scenic spot belongs to the new attraction, it should be just completed in the first period. It is still very worth looking forward to the future of the planning of the scenic spot. It takes 11000 steps to complete the transfer of the scenic spot! ! ! I measured it, it is not recommended to take the elderly and younger children to play. Because it takes frequent going up and down the mountain to see the beautiful scenery. It takes 4 hours to tour. (Special reminder here, there are local villagers at the entrance of the scenic spot to take tourists to see the Danxia landform nearby, saying that you can step directly on the Danxia to take pictures, I hope everyone will boycott and protect the beautiful scenery together). It is recommended that everyone stay directly at the nearby hotel after playing, because it is too tired 😭 Wave valley is the most beautiful Danxia landform I have seen so far, in the sunshine under the red, the whole tour gives the feeling can only be expressed with surprise, nothing said, to everyone on the picture.
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扶疏子The Mu Us Desert is one of the four largest sandy land in China. It is located between the Yulin area of Shaanxi Province and Ordos City in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, covering an area of 42,200 square kilometers. It is located at 37°27.5'-39°22.5' north latitude and 107°20'-111°30' east longitude. Including the southern part of Ordos in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the northern sandy area of Yulin City in Shaanxi Province and the northeast of Yanchi County in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. More precipitation is good for plant growth. It was originally an area with relatively developed animal husbandry, and the area of fixed and semi-fixed dunes was relatively large. The Great Wall of China crosses the southern edge of the desert from east to west.
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Geological Sites
爱耍的周大爷This is the 3rd attraction of the whole scenic spot, also called the water Yadan, because there is a large reservoir, the surrounding reservoir has this Yadan landform. There is also no official charge for an attraction here, the parking lot is villagers, 10 yuan a car. Go to the right to Fengweiyan, pass the villagers' doorway, toll 2 yuan, this is also the nearest distance to appreciate Yadan landform; to the left can be followed up the iron fence uphill, here can look at the reservoir and Yadan landform. This place is not big and does not need to walk very far but is good for photography especially one night early!
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Ancient Trees
李少鹏-匈奴泪I am the guide of the Tongwan City site, the Shenshu Heng is less than 12 kilometers away from the Tongwan City site where I am. There are more than 300 100-year-old willows, with a distribution of more than 20 square kilometers, and it is now very convenient to visit, from the main road Zhangba Road (X222 County Road) to the place where you can see the 100-year-old willows is more than one kilometer. The Government has made plans and signs, mainly eight points, with hardened parking and public toilets at point 1, about a kilometer between points 1 and 2 and points 2 to 8 not far from each other. From point 1 to point 8 is basically a asphalt road, the farthest from the road is point 4, relatively remote. From 1 to 8 round trip about 7 kilometers, it is recommended that visitors with time to visit two to three hours here. I walked around on January 21st, the snow on the ground is still there, and the winter willows are stressing the life in the desolation. The scenery of the treetops is more beautiful in autumn and winter.
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扶疏子The scenery in Jinjisha Scenic Area is charming, with three distinctive scenic spots, namely Water Park, Sand Park, and Mongolian-style dining area. The water park is 12 kilometers long, with clear water, numerous water birds, surrounded by mountains, and more than ten islands in the middle of the lake. Large luxury cruise ships, water bikes, motor boats, and speedboats shuttle back and forth for tourists to swim in the ten miles of blue waves.
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About Jingbianxian

Jingbian is a county under the administration of Yulin City in Shaanxi Province. The county is located in the north of Shaanxi, to the southwest of Yulin City. Jingbian possesses a large number of historical sites and vestiges of the revolution. The county houses the location of the Tongwan City ruins, which are the only capital city ruins in history that remain from the Xiongnu people. Jingbian is also known as the county where the famous “Conference at Xiaohe Village” took place during the period of the Revolutionary War.

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