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Ancient Settlement
_We***96I could only describe this particular corner of the world with one word, Fantastic !!! It was a fascinating experience since that moment was the first time we came to China and as soon as we came we were shown with breathtaking sight of an authentic huge ancient masterpiece of such middle age architectural construction , rich of history , lovely native residences , and of course it was the right destination to choose if one is looking for a Chill-out Adventuring vibe together with their family, friends, or colleges. furthermore we could take photos from every angles and it will still turn out to be so Instagramable !
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Hot Springs Resort
D40***08The hotspring is ok with both indoor and outdoor area. Staff are friendly.
513 Reviews
E35***06The historical place has a befitting museum for its rich history. From the porcelain to ancient tools, visitors to Jingzhou or Hubei Province have to check out the Jingzhou Museum.
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M43***56Before entering the scenic spot, first saw this green embankment, let people feel natural cool up. Take a boat into the scenic spot. The boat shuttles in the green waves. The mountains are like Dai in the distance. The blue waves are rippling near. It comes to the Nanshan Island Viewing Island. It climbs the highest point of Baiyun Pavilion. Overviewing, sometimes the mountains are surrounded by water. The water is like emerald inlaid in the mountains. Sometimes the water contains mountains. The small islands are like lotus leaves on the water, green, green, yellow, white, Colours are colorful and the views are pleasant!
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玖拾_Feeling better than before the renovation, there are many design sense in the inside, floor tiles, wall, decorations are endowed with the elements of Chu Guo decoration, the car pit is more shocking, and audio-optic and electrical technology, so far value.
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Famous Residences
西单大叔Zhang Ju was the most famous minister of the Ming Dynasty, and also the most famous reformer in the feudal society of China after Shang and Wang Anshi, almost changed the national luck of the Ming Dynasty. His death was also the turning point of the Ming Dynasty's fate. Zhang Juzheng is from Jingzhou, so also called "Zhang Jiangling", the former residence has been destroyed, the current is rebuilt. The former residence is not small, several into the courtyard, show Zhang Juzheng and related poetry works, there is a two-story holding the Japanese building is Zhang Juzheng's life exhibition, worth visiting.

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Cave of General Song ZiyanJingzhou,China

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Jingzhou Ancient CityJingzhou,China

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Weishui Scenic AreaJingzhou,China

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Guandi TempleJingzhou,China

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Zhang Juzheng Former ResidenceJingzhou,China

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Jingzhou Travel Tips

About Jingzhou

Jingzhou is located in the south-central part of Hubei Province. It was called Jiangling City in ancient times. It was once the capital of Chu State in history and is one of the birthplaces of Chu culture. Among them, the cultural attractions, such as Jingzhou Ancient City, Guangong Temple and Huarong Road, have always been points of interest. In recent years, the newly developed Songzi Weishui Scenic Area, Honghu Fishing Village Resort and Shishou Swan Island Elk Nature Reserve have become increasingly popular with visitors.

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26 Sep, 2021 Jingzhou Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 56%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:21/18:24
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