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行摄九州This is a border lake. The second flood gate here in Xingkai Lake is a sluice awarded as a high-quality project by the Ministry of Water Resources. The scenery here is very beautiful, and there are many fish in Xingkai Lake, which are very delicious. Add some salt to the water. The meal is very delicious, and the tourists who come here are also very comfortable. There are many people here to enjoy the coolness and summer, swimming on vacation.
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13611302253Zhenbao Island is located on the Chinese side of the central line of the main channel of Wusuli River, with an area of 0.74 square kilometers and has always been Chinese territory. After the victory of the 1969 Self-Defense Retaliation War on Treasure Island, a huge stone was erected on the island, engraved with the words "first in a hundred years" on the front. . . Although it was a minor battle, it had more historical significance and far-reaching influence than any war since the founding of the country. . . At this time I think of Chairman Mao's poem: "Who has ever commented on the merciful deeds of the thousand and one thousand?"
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E36***12it’s beautiful place in Jixi nearby tiexi forest park , weather is good
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转角遇到爱520Located in the west side of Xingnong Town, Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province, Lushan Scenic Area is about 42 kilometers away from the center of Jixi City. It is characterized by beautiful natural landscape, unique and novel human landscape, steep peaks and quiet lakes, and is a rare tourist attraction.
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Nature Reserve
_We***94Very worth visiting attractions, tickets are 40 yuan, old people and children have discounts. No parking fees are charged. The air inside is very fresh. There are many attractions too. There are General Beidahuang Memorial Hall, Golden Beach, General Island, Changshengding, Jiuqu Bridge, Lotus Pond, Grape Promenade, Luyuan. They are free to visit. There is no time limit. In the evening, there is also open-air KTV for bonfire parties.
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首席监理The Wusuli River is the starting point of Hutou Town, China's Songacha River and Russia's Eman River in Hutou after the convergence of the Wusuli River, 905 km long, the watershed area of nearly 190,000 square kilometers, along the river and down to enjoy both sides of the beautiful scenery and exotic scenery. The first tower of the Wusuli River is an iconic building. The tower is 55 meters high and offers panoramic views of the town of Hutou and a telescope view of the human landscape across the Russian coast. "The first tiger in the world", the male Wusuli River, 25 meters long, 16 meters high, 30.4 tons, 200 square meters, all of the use of copper plate forged and welding, has been loaded in Shanghai "Large World Kenis Records Daquan" series, is a large human landscape and landmark building in the tourist attraction of Hutou.

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Russia Art Exhibition Hall for China-Russia Trade HistoryJixi,China

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Hada River Scenic AreaJixi,China

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Shending PeakJixi,China

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850 Nongchang Rice Science ParkJixi,China

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Heilongjiang Fenghuangshan National Nature ReserveJixi,China

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Yanwo IslandJixi,China

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About Jixi

The coal town of Jixi, located in southeast Heilongjiang Province, is known as the “springtime city of the north.” Jixi's eastern edge forms part of the long border with Russia, with the famous Ussuri (Wusuli) River as the dividing line along this section. The broad waters of the beautiful Ussuri River are rich and fertile. The lush vegetation on both banks and the dark rich soil that covers the area attest to the magnificence of the Great Northern Wilderness. Many islands and lakes are scattered along the banks of the Ussuri River. Zhenbao Island - shrouded under the smoke of battle not long ago - and the enchanting scenery of Lake Khanka (Xingkai) are both famous local tourist destinations. Jixi offers more than just beautiful scenery: here, you can also taste and eat your fill of delicious fresh local fish and shrimp.

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