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pxy0705The Lille Art Museum is a large museum-like exhibition hall, divided into upper and lower floors. The first floor is mostly sculptures and some porcelain collections. There are many porcelains from the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. On the second floor are the works of some famous French painters, but it is said that the authenticity of some famous paintings has yet to be verified. But it's still pretty, it's worth enjoying.
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Famous Residences
qqwppThe former residence of Charles de Gaulle is hidden in the residential area of Lille. Because of its remote location, there are fewer tourists. However, you can read the introduction and understand the General Charles de Gaulle who established the Fifth Republic of France. It will not be crowded. The quality of the visit is very good. Tickets for the attractions here are 5 euros, and students or people under 26 years old are 3 euros. You can borrow the guidebook for free when you enter the tour, but only in English and French. The former residence of Charles de Gaulle in Lille was actually the home of Charles de Gaulle’s grandfather, but he spent his childhood here, and his life with his grandparents also greatly affected him. It is reported that Charles de Gaulle has always wanted to return in his later years. When I arrived in Lille, I was unable to do so due to various reasons. In the former residence of Charles de Gaulle, there is a detailed introduction of Charles de Gaulle’s military and political career from childhood to youth to his later years, as well as his life, his family, changes in concepts, political setbacks, and the influence of Charles de Gaulle on France. Let you clearly understand this Yuan who is extremely important in French history, instead of mentioning that De Gaulle only thinks of airports and building blocks. In addition, the former residence also restores the life of Charles de Gaulle's family back then. It also has a brief introduction to each room and hall with different functions.
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Escape Room
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pxy0705Lille Square is the central square of the city of Lille, surrounded by famous buildings. In the center of the square stands a bronze statue of General Charles de Gaulle, surrounded by the city hall, museums, and some important commercial centers. The square has a lot of people and is usually very lively. It is one of the must-see attractions in the city of Lille.
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Historical Architecture
qqwppThe old stock exchange of Lille is located in the center of the old city of Lille, next to the main square of Lille, where many street performers perform. The entire stock exchange is square-shaped, with ornate decorations and fine carvings, showing the prosperity of Lille and the prevalence of commerce. In the middle of the building is a small square, similar to a patio. On weekdays, there will be many old book stalls or small vendors selling old postcards or old CDs. They are all very old and small things from some ages. Take a stroll. It is very interesting, the price is not expensive, there will be many people playing chess and so on here. Holidays are even more interesting. Every Saturday and Sunday, this small square will become a small ballroom. Music is played. Pairs of old and new lovers dance in the square, dancing waltz, tango, etc. People have returned to Medieval Europe!

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