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Things To Do in Longkou

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Cultural Experiencial Area
DoradoraThis is very beautiful attraction we walk around all day long the weather was a little bit cold and there’s no place to warm up not eat no souvenirs and then transportation is not very convenient to you should take private car or taxi which could be a little bit expensive from Yantai city itself
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Botanical Garden
空谷幽兰jjLongkou Animal and Botanical Garden originally thought there were giant pandas or very much expected, the result of the pandas entered the breeding period, so back home, did not see the panda child is very disappointed. However, there are many cute little animals, and lions, bears, tigers, giraffe and so on are still fun. We bought 4 bags of tigers eat chicken head, children parent-child feeding tiger, very happy. Especially buy tickets into the squirrel monkey house to feed the monkey, she is too happy, fed for 40 minutes and still refused to leave, the little monkey jumped on her body to eat, too fun. Also rode a camel and felt the magic of the desert. Remember: You must buy your tickets online one hour in advance, otherwise you will have to wait for one hour to go in when you book at the door! We don't know, but you can only return to buy again!
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Historical Architecture
D32***61the park is huge. though the cable car is not available on winter, we enjoy the walking as the scenery is beautiful and antique.not Much crowd in winter
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Yamthey have dolphin shows, mermaid shows, nice and perfect place to visit here in penglai, perfect for family bondings......
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RomanHudkovVery impressive. So many seagulls, people feed them from their hands even. The fact that there’s so many cats(people said around a hundred, but must be less) surprised me in a good way, very cute. And you can find there and even feed seals! So cool 👍
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Theme Park
_We***32Dreamland and Water World are just near the hotel, just a few minutes walk, the tree house modeled on the bed son and daughter likes, the hotel also has hot springs and children play park, suitable for bringing children.