Mae Rim
Chiang Mai
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Things To Do in Mae Rim

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陌染MMThe Orchid Garden is located on Thekasati Road, about 3 kilometers from the city center. The beautiful scenery in the Orchid Garden, the colorful orchids are beautiful and delicious, and it gives people a visual feast. There are hundreds of orchids in Thailand’s orchid gardens. The orchids in the farm are not only for exhibition, but also for sale. The farm cultivates orchids in airless bottles, which not only guarantees the survival of the orchids, but also ensures that tourists can smoothly pass the security check and carry the orchids out of the country. In addition to carrying vibrant orchids, Thai skilled craftsmen also plated the orchids with gold and silver and other materials to make unique handicrafts. These handicrafts are definitely the best choice for gifts. The orchids in the Orchid Garden are very beautiful. Walking in the Orchid Garden, you will meet many beautiful flowers, some are pink and lovely, and some are fragrant, as if you are walking into the ocean of orchids. The Orchid Garden has orchids for tourists to visit all year round, and there is a butterfly garden next to the Orchid Garden, which is also a very beautiful attraction. There are many interesting places near the Orchid Garden. You can see local Thai folk dances, you can watch giant elephants, you can also watch Muay Thai performances, and there are many wonderful folk performances.
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超级cttThis farm includes two small orchid gardens, a butterfly house, a cafe and a room for selling things. The orchid garden is so beautiful, many orchids are hanging on display. Even more exciting is this little butterfly house. I saw bigger butterflies and more colorful butterflies. My children like a lot of butterflies flying. Let me start with this cute little place that requires a $2 ticket. So you can't expect the value of 100 dollars. It provides good value for your money. The garden is lovely, with hundreds of orchids in bloom, and the butterfly area is amazing. We spent $50 including hiring a driver throughout the day to see the elephants, the botanical garden and this place. I don't recommend this as your only destination, but it is definitely worth visiting some other attractions in the area. If you like orchids, you will like this place.
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JestripsYou’ve never been to Chian Mai unless you visited this beautiful and stunning place. It never failed to amazed me and took my breathe away. The gorgeous Chiang Mai city view is superb, the Buddhist temple experienced is beyond, the weather is so perfect, side trips were awesome, it’s very unforgettable. I should've done this the first time I came to Chiang Mai.
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Robson CadoreMy favorite spot in Chiang Mai to relax. You can choose one of the restaurants around the lake or bring your own food for a picnic. The area is well kept, lots of green and the water temperature is quite refreshing.
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Shernell HorneI thank you, so much, calling from the United States at 4:36am cause, I didn't want to miss the early bird specials on discount 🎟️ tickets! However; it was well worth the wait! Because, some of the tours are free!Thanks!Shernell Marie Horne
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E25***32aweskme, highly recommended! purchase tickets with transportation foe the convenience. the animals really cone up close!