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Things To Do in Muli

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JerryThe water in some areas is a vivid blue. It's better to spend at least two days, to explore most of the scenic area, which is huge.
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ChenhutamuThe grass sea of Wuhu is on this side of Sichuan, near the wedding bridge. The map still looks like the water, in fact is mainly grassland wetland, interspersed with waterway. There is a swimming trail in the grass sea, a long distance, suitable for walking.
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曹 操After passing the 18th curve of Lining, this magical road, came to the Great Meilu Lake, which belongs to two provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan. Walking along the way, I believe that the natural landscape of the Great beauty has the effect of washing heart. The heart is soft, melting, everything becomes harmonious.
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wentmingKangwu Temple is called the Tibetan Plateau Pastoral Area. It is more than 3,060 meters above sea level. It is the second largest temple in Muli, more than 30 kilometers away from the county seat. The temple is located on the hillside of an eagle-like ground between two mountain streams. Surrounded by dense virgin forests, ancient trees obscure the sky.
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KayoyoLover Beach, there are two Lover Beaches on Lugu Lake. I didn't figure out what it means. Anyway, it is a small beach, very clean. Many young people take pictures here. Because the scenery is so beautiful, there are mountains and waters.
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wentmingThe famous trail "Lock Line" starts (and you can start with gold), and goes up the White Water River and over the hill is the Aden Scenic Area. The scenery is very beautiful and worth a visit.