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Things To Do in Nan'an

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M46***52April 3 tour of your attractions, the base Mu satisfied! Talk about the shortcomings: there are free pet dogs at the ticket office, after crossing the glass bridge, the right downhill sign has not been filled (with the direction of the toilet) let the tourists go back, the zoo turkey when in the ditch outside the circle no one cares. There are many mountain roads in the scenic area, the weather is getting hot, should provide some tea spots at fixed points.
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ONLYOU惟伊Vanilla World is located in Penghua Town, Nan'an, Quanzhou, which is more than 60 kilometers away from Nan'an urban area. There is no direct public transportation, and it is usually driven by car or by group. There is a fee for the scenic area. You can see all kinds of flowers and trees inside, and the natural scenery is also good. You can stay and eat here or you can expand training. It can be regarded as a popular resort area in Nan'an.
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_GG***64This is a great place to visit with children. we started at the entrance near the Shaolin temple and took a bus to the top of the mountain. It cost 70 yuan each but the kids were free. we hiked to Sky lake, bravery rock, qingyuan caves, Nantai village and viewing area, stupa master, yuanyuan cave, and finally Laozi. There are bathrooms and palaces to eat along the way but I reccomend bringing snacks and lots if water. The views are spectacular. If you can find a clear day to go you will take some magnificent photos. We probably walked aroubd 6km total. Word of warning. If you start from the South gate near Laozi it is a very long hike up many steps to get to the top. If you are not in good shape you can take thr bus.
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Theme Park
E27***05Spent an entire day. Fun and clean. Many water slides and there's a DJ playing great music at the main pool
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真诚7577Cai, a wealthy businessman in the Philippines, built the "small forbidden city" in southern Fujian that integrates various architectural features for more than 40 years. There are more than a dozen intactly preserved. In the ancient houses, it is as if you are in an antique Qing Dynasty Minnan Architecture Museum. The houses are carved with beams and painted buildings, decorated with exquisite wood carvings, plaster carvings, brick carvings, stone carvings and other buildings.
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_We***78A monkey enjoys cool mist, water melon staff members of Quanzhou Wildlife Zoo offered fans or air conditioners for animals.

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Nan'an Lingying Scenic Tourism RegionQuanzhou,China

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Tianxin CaveQuanzhou,China

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Caizishen Ancient Dwellings BuildingsQuanzhou,China

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Nan'an Wutai MountainQuanzhou,China

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Nan'an Herb WorldQuanzhou,China

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Li Guangqian Former Residence Memorial HallQuanzhou,China

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Nan'an Travel Tips

About Nan'an

Nan'an is situated on the southeast coast of Fujian province, in the middle reaches of the Jin River. It is home to a number of historical attractions, including the tomb of the Ming loyalist Zheng Chenggong, Song dynasty stone inscriptions at Mount Jiuhua, and Anping Bridge (a Song dynasty stone beam bridge). There are also several temples and religious sites including Xuefeng Temple, Longshan Temple, Lingying Temple and Tianxin Cave. In addition, Nan'an is known for its picturesque mountainous scenery – popular outdoor destinations include Tianzhu Mountain, Huangchao Mountain and Dabai Island.

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