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Things To Do in Nanxiong

266 Reviews
Ancient Trail
睡恣@M丶Not too many tourists here, perhaps because of its remoteness or unknown, the historical stories found on the Meiguan Ancient Road are much more than that, very, very many stories still lie on the Ancient Road, would recommend a visit if given the chance. Feel this ancient martyrdom for more than a thousand years.
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Featured Neighbourhood
睡恣@M丶Zhuji Ancient Lane has a history of more than 1000 years, is the transit station of many ancient Zhongyuan clans to Lingnan. The lane is more than 1500 meters long, has accepted more than 180 clans. They have flourished here, built a beautiful home, and then moved away from home to the Pearl River Delta and all over the world, thus creating the splendor of China's southern migration history, and also the Nanxiong today's fame and far-reaching surname culture.
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_CF***14The last bus to catch the ginkgo tree, although the leaves are quite a lot, but fortunately there is still a little, but still contact the surrounding area to see, if you deliberately go a long way, you may be a bit disappointed.
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Hot Springs Resort
陌染MMI traveled to Nanxiong and stayed at Longhuashan Hot Spring Hotel. My friends strongly wanted to go to the hot spring, so I found the hot spring hotel closest to us at that time. There are houses and hot springs in the hotel. Most of the guests who have come here recently only come to the hot springs. When we were playing in Zhuji Ancient Alley that afternoon, we also asked the locals, and they also suggested that we come to Longhua Mountain for hot springs. Indeed, here is a real hot spring, with springs, carbonated springs, the hot springs are not big, there are only two pools, a fish spa pool and a geothermal area.
Nearby City
419 Reviews
M23***79The scenery is beautiful, the mountains are green and the water is clear, and it is very quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The section car is sent to the plank road that you want to go to. If you are not willing to climb the mountain, you will take the plank road. The plank road runs through the sky and trees, and it is very shaded. I hope that the mountain climbing along the paved path will take you, the mountain springs are winding and cool. It is a good place to relax in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. The scenery is good, the overall is awesome, the price is high, the fun is fun,
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佟璃桐The things inside are really worth checking out. There are a lot of things that we haven't seen before. All things in the world. If we haven't seen these things, how can we be right about ourselves?