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Things To Do in Nigeria

22 Reviews
Geological Sites
Wyr5511Today I went to Zuma Rock. I stopped the car and went to watch. Some people say that someone has climbed up from behind and can see the entire city of Abuja. The reason why the heart is sincere, I made a wish. I made a wish with my eyes open. Looking at her, I hope the wish will come true. After making a wish, look at the sky as the color of Zuma Rock changes. It’s amazing, I hope my wish can come true.
24 Reviews
_We***96one of the best mosques in the whole country with an amzing view
7 Reviews
Chloe MillerThis jungly-area is still in Lagos, and is good for an afternoon nature walk without having to really leave the city. Monkeys, peacocks will accompany you but you won't be coming face to face with any big game. Would be a good spot to bring kids.
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杨玉魁Next to this is a high-end shopping mall. The lake is not very big. There are Chinese restaurants in the shopping mall. It is very good in places like Niger. There are many kinds of lizards on the lake.
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_AP***68oldest place in kano city.
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Chloe MillerThe National Museum of Nigeria where you can delve into thousands of years of Nigerian art and culture. It's not presented like, say, the British Museum, so you have to work a little harder to understand what you're looking at. Worth it.