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yjw2000Jingpo Lake, the largest and second largest alpine lake in the world, is comparable to Qiandao Lake, with sand and stone sculptures, rabbit ear ridge style. Kagamibo lake is located between Zhangguangcailing and Laoyaling in the southeastern part of Heilongjiang Province, 60km southwest of Ning'an City, 90km from Mudanjiang City, the overall planning area is 1726 square kilometers, the scenic area is composed of the hundreds of miles of Changhu, the crater primitive forest, and the ruins of the kyogyo ryusenfu in Bohai province. The Jingpo Lake is mainly composed of lakes and mountains, and has geological wonders such as primitive forest and underground lava tunnels in the crater and historical and human landscapes represented by the Bohai National Site in the Tang Dynasty. Jingpo Lake is a dazzling pearl inlaid in the northern Xinjiang of the motherland, famous for its unique natural beauty, attracting more and more visitors at home and abroad.
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yjw2000Diaoshuilou Waterfall, also known as Jingpo Lake Waterfall, is located in the southwestern part of Ning'an City, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, the northern end of Jingpo Lake, only three kilometers away from "Jingpo Mountain Villa". From Mudanjiang City to the south through the ancient city of Ning'an, then west to the city of Tokyo, from here, continue to travel 30 kilometers, can reach the north lake head of Jingpo Lake. The waterfall width about 70 meters, when the rainfall is large, the width of 300 meters. 20 meters drop. It is the bottom of the pool 60 meters deep, called "Black Dragon Pond." Every rainy season or flood season, the water is thundering, the torrents roaring down, the water stones striking, the white flowing, the water mist transpiring out the colorful rainbow. It looks like the Niagara Falls of Canada, the world's largest basalt falls.
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-自由飞翔_Mudanjiang Underground Forest is a national nature reserve. The virgin forest belt formed by the volcanic crater made of lava is called the crater virgin forest by geologists. Located about 50 kilometers northwest of Jingpo Lake, it is located in a deep mountainous area one thousand meters above sea level in Zhangguangcai Mountain. Among the ten craters with steep inner walls and varying sizes, except for craters No. 1 to No. 3, the rest of the crater forests are connected to the gentle slope to form a sea of forests. It is quite rare that such dense forests grow in more than 800 volcanic craters in China. It is not only a great spectacle in Jingpo Lake Scenic Area, but also a research base for Chinese and foreign geographers, historians, and biologists. 【view】 【taste】 [Price ratio]
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冰之炙点Jingbo Lake was formed by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. It is the largest mountain barrier lake in China and the second largest in the world. The scenic area is divided into three areas: the main scenic area of Jingbo Lake, the Jingbo Canyon, and the underground forest of the crater. There are many natural scenic spots along the two banks of the lake, such as the "Outer Eight Views". The Diaoshuilou Waterfall is the most famous landscape in Jingpo Lake. Every summer, the water roars here, the momentum is magnificent and very spectacular
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滇国剑客The author likes to travel around the mountains and waters. Dagu Mountain has been to many places, but in comparison, although Suifenhe Dagu Mountain also has the solitary character in its title, it feels not lonely at all, and the scenery is different. a feeling of.
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牛牛魔王88The head of the mountain is not big and the fame is not small. The tour guide explained that when Liu Shaoqi and comrade Wang Guangmei visited the northeast, two people climbed the island and planted two 10,000 young trees themselves. It seems that only engaging the leaders will be beneficial.

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Jingpo XiaguMudanjiang,China

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Diaoshuilou WaterfallMudanjiang,China

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Huoshankou National Forest ParkMudanjiang,China

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Jingbo Lake Scenic AreaMudanjiang,China

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Daoshi MountainMudanjiang,China

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Ching-Po Lake Pubu ResortMudanjiang,China

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About Ningan

Ning’an City is in the south of Heilongjiang Province. It is situated along the central belt between the national open ports of Suifenhe and Hunchun. Ning’an combines natural landscapes and famous monuments. This is where the Bohai Kingdom’s Tang era Shangjing Longquan Ruins are located. These are the very well-preserved ruins of a medieval capital city. Another attraction is China’s largest mountain barrier lake at the Jingpo Lake World Geological Park. Other historic and cultural sites that draw people’s attention include the Three Ancient Burial Mounds (三陵古墓群), the Qing-era Great Stone Bridge (清代大石桥), and Xinglong Temple.

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