Province of Palermo
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Things To Do in Province of Palermo

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39 Reviews
Historical Site
elsashen0529The Norman Palace is really inconspicuous from the outside. We almost missed it. The most interesting thing here is the Palatine Chapel, which is really a chapel built with gold, and there are gold mosaics everywhere. ! This palace is a fusion of Byzantine style! Unfortunately the room is not open in winter
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Churches and Cathedrals
elsashen0529The underground treasure of Palermo Cathedral is really worth exploring. It contains a lot of religious treasures. It is really a treasure, with the bishop's crown, studded with jewels, and inlaid with gold, as well as many religious artifacts. It's all made of metal, a very wealthy church
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大姐小露開心果Founded in 1554, the fountain of the Pritoria is the quintessentially Palermo landmarks, the square of the fountain is magnificent and surrounded by the main statues with about 30 nude statues, many of which are lifelike and vivid sculptures of the Olympians and amazingly beautiful from the designers of the year The nude statues in Tuscany in central Dali make it hard for conservative churches to accept that they are indecent and call it a "Shame Fountain" which was built in 1554 as the Pritoria Fountain of Palermo's archaeological landmark The fountain square is magnificent and stands around the main statues of about 30 nude statues, many of which are lifelike and vivid sculptures of the Olympians, the beauty of which is amazing, the designers of the year from the avant-garde Tuscany in central Italy It's funny to let those conservative churchmen who come to church nearby take it as indecent and call this fountain a shame fountain to this day that nickname is louder than the real name ~
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摆渡修行Teatro Massimo Palermo/Palermo As the third largest opera house in Europe after Paris and Vienna, the Massimo Theater is also the pinnacle of Palermo’s neoclassical architecture. I went to Palermo several times before and I was wrong with the guided tour in the theater. This time I went ahead (you can also contact by email) to book a guided tour + climb to the top to see the city scenery of Palermo. Because someone in the group reported to the backstage, the tour guide simply asked everyone to show it. The Massimo Theater was built to celebrate the unification of Italy. It covers an area of 8,000 square meters. There are two huge bronze lions at the door. The two statues above the lions represent the gods of drama and opera respectively. There are 1,350 seats inside, and the seven floors surround the inclined stands, which is a typical horseshoe-shaped style. There is a limit on the number of people in the summit group, so you must book in advance by email.
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Featured Neighborhood
沈福成When we came out of the cathedral and walked along the avenue towards the sea, we could see several very classic attractions, this four corner field is one of them! There is also a famous fountain of shame not far from it. It turns around in the center. It is really a beautiful building!
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City | ​​landmark
沈福成Pretoria Square, where the Pretoria fountain is placed. This fountain was bought by the Sicilian government from Tuscany. The art of the North is really more explicit, bold and realistic, but Sicily is still pretty. Conservative

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Quattro CantiProvince of Palermo,Italy

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Cattedrale di MonrealeProvince of Palermo,Italy

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Villa BonannoProvince of Palermo,Italy

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Spiaggia di MondelloProvince of Palermo,Italy

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Galleria Regionale Della SiciliaProvince of Palermo,Italy

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Palazzo Asmundo MuseumProvince of Palermo,Italy

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20 Oct, 2021 Province of Palermo Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 91%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:20/18:23
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