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Things To Do in Ruicheng

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Taoist Temple
Historical Site
游侠半仙Yuncheng Yongle Palace, the first national key cultural relics protection units promulgated by the State Council in 1961, the palace because of the construction of the reservoir from 1957 to 1966 years, the state allocated 220 million yuan from the original site original appearance moved to the Western Zhou ancient Wei capital city site, is also a national key cultural relics protection units. The Yongle Palace Wuji Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty. The "Chaoyuan Picture" painted in the palace is a rare giant system in the history of Chinese painting. No photos can be taken in the palace. There is also a pure Yang Palace and Zhongyang Palace to visit. There is also a record exhibition of the relocation in the palace. Tickets are 60 yuan, free for people over 60 years of age. Note that ⚠️ is closed on Monday.
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M25***99The scenery is very nice. There are no swans in summer, but there are many other creatures, such as the swarms of common terns, the round four-sounded cuckoo, the great-peckered woodpecker and the gray-headed green-pecker, and some birds. [interest] Naturally is fun, but I don't seem to see anything in the play project, I only saw the painting. [price/performance] Pay attention to the child, save money, because if he doesn't bring a student ID card, he will say that the child is not a student who charges you 15 yuan more, in fact, as long as the ID card is OK. Overall good, but not for unnatural lovers.
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游侠半仙Built in the Sui Dynasty, covering an area of 240,000 square meters, it is the traditional palace layout of "the front and rear of the courtyard" in China. On the axis line are the Door Gate, the Tuen Mun Gate, the Wu Men Gate, the Royal Book Building, the Chongning Hall, the Spring and Autumn Building. Weather Xiaosen, very royal style. There are Kangxi Yubi "Yiqianqian" hanging in the temple, Qianlong Qinding "God 勇," Xianfeng Yubi "World Pole", charity Queen Mother's book "Weilingzhen folding", is a treasure. The temple's essence of the building "Spring and Autumn Building" is a treasure in ancient Chinese architecture. Tickets are 60 yuan, free for people over 60.
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Ancient Settlement
明月侠隐Finally came Fenglingdu, the place where Guo Xiang heard about the heroes of the sculptor, he missed his life forever, and from then on, he "thinks about the world and dare not forget". It's very close by car from Tongguan, things are cheap, old streets, simple residents, simple railway stations, mottled movie theaters. It may be a kind of sentiment. When I was a teenager at Jin Yong, I was able to come here now, and I am very satisfied and happy!
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_We***41Uma das 5 Montanhas Sagradas Taoistas da China! A grande montanha ocidental: Huashan! 🇨🇳⛰One of the Five Great Mountains of Taoism in China! The great west mountain: Huashan 🇨🇳⛰What an amazing experience! What an energy, what an air! #Huashan #MontanhaHuashan #HuashanMountain #华山 #MontanhaSagrada #GreatMountain
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27434908Adult tickets plus 79 yuan for round trip ropeway, very worth it. The ropeway is long and steep, the scenery is beautiful, and the service attitude is very good! The meal is also very good and not expensive at the platform of the next ropeway, and the uncle's service attitude is also very good! It was our late visit, preparing for the jade pillar peak at 3:30, but was told that the time was too late to go, leaving a regret, looking forward to coming again next time!