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Things To Do in Ruicheng

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Taoist Temple
Historical Site
258hxIn the maintenance, parking lot repair, one of the three halls Zhongyang Hall repair, murals, ancient monuments are not enough protection, the hall is black, the light of the murals is really unable to feel, stone tablet exposed, wind blowing sun, really heartache, because of the removal to preserve, why can't be strong.
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Ancient Settlement
滇国剑客Fenglingdu is a name that is often seen in novels and movies and TV dramas, and it is not expected that the results of field observation are really great, and the scenery in many places is very compatible with the film and TV works.
30 Reviews
天歌纵横The relocation of the Sanmenxia Dam in the past reminds us of the temple of Abu Simbe in Aswan, Egypt. The frescoes are indeed bullish, and the paintings of the characters in the history of Chinese paintings have been weak, while the Yongle Palace frescoes are a real twist.
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Hot Springs Resort
华骅The Shangjing Hot Spring is a natural arsenic-rich hot spring, its arsenic content is more than ten times that of the common hot spring, the arsenic element, mainly to the bone, heart, brain blood vessels, skin and so on, the effect is remarkable, equipped with the wave-making pool, children's play pool, indoor swimming pool, lounge, etc., the function is complete, belongs to the Yuncheng around, Even the special hot springs of the golden triangle of the Yellow River in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan Province...
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Hot Springs Resort
华骅Fenglingdu Hot Spring International Resort is located in the Fenglingdu Development Zone of Licheng City. Impression Fenglingdu Yellow River Style Town, set hot springs, four-star hotels, cave rooms, Chinese and Western snacks, swimming pool, water entertainment, SPA beauty, physical health, chess and card, fitness, Hairdressing and other comprehensive hot spring hotels, Jin, Shaanxi, Henan and even the national travel, health, leisure and entertainment people of the perfect place...
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慎思慎独The museums in each place are worth a visit to learn about the history and customs.

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Shanxi Yonglegong Fresco Arts MuseumYuncheng,China

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Yongle PalaceYuncheng,China

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Shengtian LakeYuncheng,China

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Fenglingdu Hot Springs Mountain Villa ResortYuncheng,China

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