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滇国剑客Yuncheng itself is a good place, there is a direct train to Beijing, which in itself shows the importance of Yuncheng there. Yuncheng salt lake is beautiful, from the tourism perspective, introduced Yuncheng to tourists.
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合一无玷圣心凯旋The emperor red, glazed tile, kubaisensen, let people think of Taimiao, especially red thick courtyard wall and high door, has 1400 years of history of kubai. The overall feeling of quaint, quiet and. The ancient building carved beams and paintings still feel the sense of the age. New buildings cooperated with each other.
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Historical Architecture
娴雅小溪Wanrong Li Family Courtyard: located in Wanrong County, Shanxi Province, Wanrong County, is the first rich man in Jinnan during the late Qing Dynasty and Republic of China for the use of Lizi. It was built in the Qing Dynasty, and the whole building was integrated between the west and the middle, and the north and south were integrated, and the courtyard was large, and it was called 'Jin merchant santiren' along with the Qiao family courtyard and the Wang family courtyard.
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Historical Architecture
AviationistaThe history of the Guanque Tower is inside the tower on how it was built and it has 6 storeys. at the top floor, you can see the gorgeous sighting of the Yellow River and Shaanxi province on the other side of the river and Henan province on the other side of the mountain(s)!
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馮豆豆I bought the ticket for 55, which includes the first period of the glass path. The rides that enter the door can be played, the karts, the dry land slip *** is better to play, you can go to play. There is a hanging glass path, 45 yuan includes three projects. When we went, it was repaired, it was not allowed to play, a little regret. If it is off season, people are very few, the section near the top must be careful, there are small squirrels, and snakes (we have encountered, a little grass next to the road). The top of the mountain ride down the slide, 50 yuan including the transportation fee, the slide down there is small traffic to the foot of the mountain.
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Taoist Temple
Historical Site
lyn0919Yongle Palace is a Taoist temple in Ruicheng County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, built in 1247, after over 110 years of construction to complete, after the Jinyuan period, because of Taoism has been used and supported by the emperors, so the scale and status of Yongle Palace is very prosperous. Yongle Palace is the main building from south to north are Wujimen, Sanqing Palace, Chunyang Palace and Zhongyang Palace. Today, Yongle Palace is the first national cultural and security units, is Yuncheng's signature tourist attractions.

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Li Family CourtyardYuncheng,China

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Wulao PeakYuncheng,China

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Jiangshouju Garden PondYuncheng,China

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Fenghuanggu Forest ParkYuncheng,China

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About Yuncheng

Yuncheng is located at the southernmost tip of Shanxi Province. It's ancient name "Hedong" meaning "East of the Yellow River" comes from the fact that it is bordered by the Yellow River to the west. The city exists because of salt. It is one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese People. Wangguan Island and Wulao Peak within the area are like two green emeralds within the dry environment of Shanxi. Pujiu Temple, where the story "West Chamber" took place; the Yellow River Iron Oxen Crossing the Waters in Yongji, Yongle Palace in Ruicheng and Guangdi Temple in Xiezhou are some of Yuncheng's attractive places.

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