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Things To Do in Shanglin

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天下美景悠遊Dalong Lake Scenic Area is located in Shanglin County, Guangxi Province, known as China's Halong Bay. It is also comparable to (Water Guilin) by travelers. It was developed as a new tourist attraction in 2008. The lake area is full of clear water and sparkling, surrounded by stone mountains surrounded by strange peaks, folds and folds, beautiful reflections, for tourists to enjoy the refreshing, beautiful scenery of the lake. It is worthwhile to visit again, and experience the beauty of the lakes and mountains and the sky! The best value is the free ticket, the ¥50 cruise ticket is all inclusive. [Scenery] The unparalleled beauty of Guilin on the water. [Fun] Enjoy the tranquility of the lake and mountains. [Value for money] Small investment enjoys big recovery.
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M32***52The water is just natural oxygen bar mountains surround the water very cold summer summer resort has chosen this new viewing pavilion hotel very good room to take a photo very out of the music restaurant with a big pool with a slide to go again
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_YX***46The scenery is beautiful, but the boat is too expensive. There are few people in the off-season. A boat can take up to ten people. A boat takes about two hours. The fare is 300. As a result, there are only four people after waiting for a long time. This is too expensive, but It's a pity to come all the way and not take a boat
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睡恣@M丶Guangxi Daming Mountain National Nature Reserve, the Tropic of Cancer cross the center, across the four counties of Wuming, Shanglin, Mashan and Binyang, Nanning City, 76 kilometers from Nanning City. Daming Mountain average sea level 1200 meters, the main peak Longtou Mountain elevation 1760 meters, the first peak in the south of Guangxi. The forest is dense and lush, which is described as "the green pearl on the Tropic of Cancer".
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gao***10Expected to be full, a little disappointed, take the bus from Jinqiao Passenger Station to Xiangxian to see the Guming Village attractions, let the driver stop, do not need to transfer to Xiangxian. There are four kilometers of mountain road from the scenic spot gate to the village, there is no traffic. Tickets for the scenic spot are 30 yuan. In the development, the service should be said to be no. The reservoir and residential area are small in size. Very few non-weekend tourists.
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luckyone113It's so impressive. Very nice mountain with a lots of scenery. A lot of walking but it's worth every single steps. You can take the bus ride but you won't be able to see everything that it had to offers. I was there for about 7 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's a must visit place if you are in Nanning.