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482 Reviews
M48***75We drove 700 kilometers from Xi'an to the red alkaline porridge. It is August. The weather is suitable. After three resting areas, it was 4 pm when we arrived early in the morning. The scenic tickets are very interesting and not expensive, but to get to the place where there are entertainment items on the opposite side of the lake, buy a boat. Tickets, overall not expensive, the scenery is really very good, especially the sunset lake is really quiet and pleasant, very suitable for relaxing, the only beauty is that the surrounding facilities are slightly thin, eating almost the same farmhouse restaurant, and eating fish is too expensive, indicating that I can't afford to eat ...
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Historical Architecture
13611302253As one of the four famous forts in northern Shaanxi, Gaojiabao ancient city has been a major commercial and trade town since ancient times, and is known as the "Han Wharf" on the West Port. Once these merchants from south to north came here to sell silk, fur, saline and alkali, tea and other things with donkeys. The ancient town is now inhabited by few people, and the main streets are the scenes of shops and two TV shows, “The Common World” and “The Dragon Ridge Caves of the Ghost Blowing Lights.”
127 Reviews
MoinWe went there to take part in Shenmu International tug of war competition. Such an amazing place. The stairs were so much scary but the view from the top of the mountain was splendid. I'd very much like to visit there again
14 Reviews
滇国剑客The scenery of the lake is very good, let people have a kind of inexplicable wonderful feeling, the breeze blowing lake, or the lake in this season growing plants, all deduced into a exciting scenery.
16 Reviews
Historical Site
扶疏子The Dongshan temple complex is located 500 meters east of Shenmu County. It is also called Jiulong Mountain because of the ridges and ridges with nine layers of ridges, which roam like a dragon. Facing a ridge to the south, the peak stands just like a dragon's head, with two holes in the middle like a eye, called Longyan Mountain. Whenever the sun rises in the east, the dragon's body is faint, and the sun passes through the hole and hits the city head directly. It is very spectacular.
8 Reviews
扶疏子The history of Jiulong Mountain, legendary north grassland of the yellow wind black water demon long time to move the go, make cave wild river often to flood. God Mu county often suffer from mountain floods, every time to flood, the outside of the wall of the flood peaks, waves surge, there is a fluttering down the head of the city. Houses collapsed, fields flooded, people shouted, bitter, prayed for heaven.

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About Shenmu

Shenmu County is located in north Shaanxi, where the three provinces of Shaanxi, Shanxi, and Inner Mongolia meet. It is the site of the “eve of Chinese civilization” - where you can find the Shimao Neolithic archaeological site. Shenmu was also a famous base of operations during the Revolution, and the Shenfu revolutionary base built here is one of the few Chinese Communist Party red bases that was preserved and not destroyed by the enemy. Major attractions include Shen (“Divinity”) Lake, Erlang Mountain, Tiantai (“Heavenly Platform”) Mountain, Longyan (“Dragon Eye”) Mountain, and the Gaojiabao Ancient City.

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23 Oct, 2021 Shenmu Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 37%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:55/17:50
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