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Things To Do in Siyang

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Matsu Temple
小清是我啊It's free to visit now. The scenic spots are not big and the playability is not very strong, mainly some statues of Mazu, which are all for viewing. The environment is good, the things inside are inexpensive and fair. It cost five yuan for parking to get in. Because there are so many people on Qingming Festival today, there are parking spaces for cars. If you go to Siyang, it is still a place worth visiting.
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吴立珍The China Poplar Museum is currently the only poplar cultural exhibition hall in China. There are two large bronze reliefs on the first floor of the museum, which show the general view of the ancient and modern poplars. The second floor comprehensively uses modern methods such as sound and light, image and cultural relics, and uses illusory landscapes and timed automatic rotating sculpture display stands to display the unique charm of poplar culture, poplar related products and cultural artworks.
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M29***58Chengzi Lake, Siyang County, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, is located in the northwest of the misty Hongze Lake and is an important part of Hongze Lake, the fourth largest freshwater lake in my country. After a hundred years of meticulous crafting of the waves of the lake, she has carved a beautiful picture of drunken beauty like a mirror.
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M36***04As a person of Huai'an, it is necessary to see 😊 growing up drinking Yanghe wine from a young age! The winery is so big, the explanation is good, the raw pulp is free! The ticket purchaser has a small bottle of sea blue! Especially thanks to a young man who visited the last stop of the mall, saw me dragging my suitcase and offered to welcome a reply to the inquiry. Because the departure was in the offing, let me go to buy the ticket and tow the suitcase and help look after it. With such an employee, can the winery be ok!
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AnnieOne day, I entered the ancient city and dreamed of the Western Chu Dynasty, the Western Chu king, "Libashan Qiqianshi" [view] as the birthplace of Xiang Yu, is the place where Suqian travels must go, the huge and magnificent buildings are built into the ancient city of Western Chu, which reproduces the heroic life of the Western Chu king's legend. The endless thousand-year-old banyan tree, experienced the wind and rain of the hand planting, is the infinite admiration and memory of Xiang Yu! [interest] in the legend of Xiang Yu Yuji, in the Xiang Wang's hometown reappear the classic charm of the past, in the sound of the ancient music experience the prosperity and prosperity of the ancient city of the millennium! Majestic Xichu generals, soft and beautiful under the stage, a variety of large-scale real stage dramas on the stage!
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TangBohuSuqian Santaishan National Forest Park is the net red punch card, the scenic area is the most beautiful eight scenery famous, landscape and rural, the movement and static appropriate, divided into "forest tourism area", "forest leisure area", "forest resort" three areas. Main attractions are: Putian, fruit forest landscape, Jinghu, natural mountain forest, Acacia Lake, Qingcui Lake and Meiyuan. There are Putian Flower Sea in spring, Qushui wind lotus in summer, red leaves in autumn, and snow boiled in Meicun in winter. It is a place for the soul to rest and is the dream of the original town you can't forget. The landscape is close to each other, the flowers and the seas are rippling, is a natural ecological oxygen bar. The land is large, the end of March and early April of each year is pear flower and February orchid bloom season. Walking here is the scenery before the startled, as if to the wonderland feeling, very suitable for punching in the photo.

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Matsu Cultural ParkSuqian,China

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China Yangshu MuseumSuqian,China

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Fanyin TempleSuqian,China

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Siyang Travel Tips

About Siyang

Siyang County is located in northern Jiangsu Province, and is under the administration of Suqian City. It is within the Huaihai Economic Zone, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, and intersects the canals and towns that spread through this area. Siyang has a long history, with the cultures of northern and southern China meeting here. It is the birthplace of the famous alcoholic spirit Yanghe Daqu. The Mazu Culture Park can be found on Qingren Island. It is surrounded by water on three sides and boasts a 32.3 meter high statue of the goddess Mazu, the protector of people in coastal areas.

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