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Things To Do in Taicang

533 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
小飞哥旅行记Shaxi Ancient Town is still very worth the card ~ Near Shanghai and Suzhou ~ Ancient Town Free ~ Building Ancient Xiang Retained Full ~ And the Ancient Town Free Open ~ This is really good ~ and there are many food snacks ha
378 Reviews
Robin.sunThe place is actually quite big. If you don't hurry, you can play for a day, but you must bring delicious food, because there is a small shop there, in the visitor center, if you don't bring water, remember to buy water first. There is no water in it, it is divided into six sections. The pass I bought is 17 yuan. Ticket prices are also cheap, the price is OK, and after the exchange of tickets, I suggest you can drive in, so it is very convenient, of course, you can also do the scenic traffic battery car, generally still relatively leisurely, feel OK. It is better to perfect the food supporting aspect!
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Observation Deck
Modern Architecture
HoooooIt was a great opportunity to visit there. went there around 4pm and stayed there at 7:30. It was beautiful view from the tower but very crowded when I was heading to an elevator.
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_FB***24Thia museum is in the middle of nowhere, but it is a really nice museum if you like cars. This museum has a lot of cars, old and new. It's worth the time going there!
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Tammy&JAmazing place where you can see different kinds of sea creatures. They have sharks even it is very expensive to keep sharks in the aquariums. The most interesting for me were Jellyfishes! I recommend you to go and see this amazing nature products.
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_We***94It is very suitable for 2-10-year-old children, and it will be boring to be a little older. Arrived around 11 o'clock, the children do not want to have lunch until 1 pm, so I had too much fun. The price is also discounted, two big and one small 170, the original site buys tickets under 100cm children have a discount, directly bought tickets at Trip.com, have not changed, directly played. Arrive at the scene, there is a self-service ticket machine at the door, and you can enter after picking up the ticket. Then you can play directly. There are mazes, trampolines, rock climbing, climbing, boating, karts, dining on the first floor of the room. There is a small train and carousel outside. Auntie was very helpful there. The little train played two times. There is a rotary slide on the second floor, very high, no balls to slide down, a sea ball pool, bumper car, play area, toilets very careful with slippers There are not many kinds of meals, the price is OK, a hamburger package 42, that is, the cola is too small a cup...; the amount of pasta can be, more than 30, no meal; a juice pumpkin ball is delicious and cost-effective, fun, fun, overall superb, The children enjoyed themselves so much that they slept for a long time on the way home. The father said he'd come back next time.