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099***75Ryumu Ji Temple is located at the foot of the Nishiyama of Ryumu chinchin, the prefecture of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province, on the bank of the middle reaches of the Ryumu River. There are 26 Buddhist halls, with three major colleges of Xianzong, Esoteric Buddhism and Shilun, covering an area of 333333.33 square meters, and 416 monks living in temples. They are the key cultural relics protection units in the country. "Longwu" is a Tibetan language, meaning agricultural area. In Ando, its scale, status, influence is second only to the Labrang Temple in Gansu Province and the Tal Temple in Qinghai Province.
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099***75Wu Tong Xia Temple is a national-level cultural relics protection unit located in the village of Wu Tong, 7 kilometers north of Longwu Town, Tongren County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. It is the birthplace of the Tibetan "Regong Art". The temples of the temples have been over 600 years, and they are decorated with gorgeous decorations. There are a large number of beautiful works of art such as Tangka, embroidery, sculpture, and so on.
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AncnThe Maixiulin area of the Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve has snow leopards and many other nationally protected wild animals. The plants are mainly Qilian juniper and spruce. The virgin forest area has beautiful summer and autumn scenery, and it is worth visiting~
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099***75Gokojo Ji Temple is also called 'senkaku yojo Ji Temple,' and in Tibet, it is called 'katan group kakurin,' and it means 'kichisho hozaishu,' and it was built in 1385 years. The main hall is about 30 meters long and about 20 meters wide. It is located on the east side of gokojo sho, 7 kilometers east of Takamu Chinju, Dojin Prefecture. The predecessor of the temple was tomoji Ji Temple, the 4 Lord of the temple, Tomokaku, the Japanese ojin, and the Pama sea, and the 1 Summer Palace, the disciple of peony, and from this, gosakamijo Ji Temple became a temple of takamoku Ji Temple and belonged to the Gelug school. The first month prayer meeting is the main religious activity of the temple, the first month 7 day held the dance ceremony, the size of the temple. The temple's great Jingtang and the building of the Angwei is intact, in January 1981 after the Monkey opened, the reconstruction of the Maitreya Temple, by Tashi Rantan as the chief of the temple Guanhui. Ugura Shangzhuang Temple is known as "regong art school", temple monks are good at painting, sculpture, has been many masters over hundreds of years.
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滇国剑客There is a Liu Jiaxia in Gansu Province close to Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, but in this place in Qinghai Province, there is a Lijiaxia. The scenery is very beautiful and there are many friends playing.
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099***75Sohu Net Yin / 28° "The Historical Living Fossils of Xiangbian in China" Mystical Castle of Rihe Ri Castle  Blue Wind Photography 2017-07-05 · Tourism Creator Subscription  Rihe Ri Castle is hailed as the Living Fossils of Xiangbian in China for 2,000 Years, and is the only national historical and cultural village in Qinghai Province. It is also one of the most complete castles in the Tongren area. The old castle was built in the 7th century AD, built for the earthen plate, is a military camp city guarding the border, more than 700 years ago. The castle is rectangular in the East and West 260m, the width 96m, the building area 2496m2, and the East, West and South 3 gates are cast in red copper. The inner lanes of the castle are scattered with stars and a width of 2 meters, and only one person can pass through them. While standing in the narrow, quiet and mazelike lanes of the castle, one is treading on the blue stone slab, which makes one feel like one is in the days of the war. Nearby is tall mottled city wall and a quiet courtyard, occasionally a lilac or two out of the wall, and people as if outside the world. Every door on the top of the set of the warp, is the unique place of the castle architecture.

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