Xing'an County
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Things To Do in Xing'an County

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girl2loveMainly now there are fewer projects to carry out, but the overall discount for our college entrance examination students is better, and they have more fun eating and playing. It is difficult to find some places in the happy area.
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139***13Guilin cat mountain cat mountain is the birthplace of Horie, sukee and Horie, and Horie originates in the alpine forest wetland of Hachikakuda. For the typical river-source landform and the formation of rare southern mountain marsh landscape, the topography of the hilly low forest between the river flowing vertical and horizontal, the ponds are dense, peat soil is soft and deep, and the water source is tens of thousands of squares. Spring and summer water level often higher than the ground, autumn and winter the deadliest period, the foot surface, there is also a spring overflow, is a green natural reservoir.
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Water Conservancy Project
sculptorLingqu, an ancient canal built more than 2,200 years ago, is located in Xing'an County, Guangxi Province. It connects the oceanic river in the upper reaches of the Lijiang River to the Great Rongjiang River at the source of the Lijiang River. Lingqu is a very special artificial channel.
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M24***78The source spring of the Lijiang River is clear and pure, natural, beautiful and scenic. There is no overexploitation, maintain the original ecology, there is deep water to dive, there is shallow water to swim, it is quite comfortable and cool to swim in the clear spring in the hot summer, but you need to bring your swimsuit and goggles in advance. It's not for sale. It's best to wear sandals, skid-proof and water-splash. It's worth the experience.
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_We***28the water was too high to go on the boat but a hike along the river was a perfect alternative. beautiful nature, lovely walk!
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ErinLTook the two rivers and four lakes boat trip. Views are gorgeous but the cabin is very noisy. Foreigners need to be aware- you must show evidence of your last 28-day travel history to be allowed to board. This can be found through your phone network provider app.