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Things To Do in Xinhua

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Geological Sites
202***21The park's accessory transportation service is better, with free ferry and electric car transfer! The view inside the cave is picturesque, one step at a time, so dazzling! It is a typical cave representative. There is also a river in the cave, this kind of cave boat rides the wonders only Yixing Shanjuan Cave to have similar, in short, it is a memorable dream trip!
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Terraced Field
123lingZijingjie terraces are more characterized, not very big, there are farmhouses in the scenic area to eat and live, the car can also drive to the observation platform, but the parking space is not a lot. It's a little regrettable to go because of the rain and not see a good view. The scenery is good,
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gz当地向导伊妹儿Daxiongshan National Forest Park is a natural natural scenery, beautiful scenery, fresh air, natural oxygen bar, breathe fresh air, comfortable, leisure and holiday good place, is also a summer resort.
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M50***34It's the Longjifeng route that I really paid to climb the mountain. The 999 steps made by wood that you just started climbing are slowly climbing. The dangerous iron lock bridge is more exciting. Hahaha did not book tickets in advance, and immediately booked tickets to the park for 10 yuan.
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60岁极省自由行Xinhua Old Street, Xinhua people's own pride. The ancestors first came to Xinhua, because to rush to the hometown of Baixi, no time to go around the Xinhua boundary. Cars skimmed over Xinhua home, car photograph. But family repeatedly recommended to me their old street, to see their love of their hometown.
Nearby City
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118***92Boyue Cave is a large-scale limestone cave with great value of viewing and scientific research. Its length is wide and the beauty of the strangeness of the karst is rare. The cave has caves, halls, ghosts and axes, and the scenery is all the same. The caves are thick with stalactites and stand on stones, and the stone pillars are like forests. Stones like curtains, hanging, posture thousands of, full of beads, beautiful, at the same time, the most goose poles in the world, called the world most --- cool world, flowing shiny, people linger!