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314 Reviews
Terraced Field
yuluzxxCome over mid-autumn September, to be fair, the scenery is still good, the traffic is not too much, just 68 yuan tickets are still a little more expensive. Must drive by yourself, otherwise it is difficult to go from one observation deck to another. There are six observation platforms, which can be seen from afar, near and from different perspectives. Five of them are accessible by car without walking. Although the mountain is steep, sweating, it is worth it. But a more distant Yaozhai observation deck (with the supposedly highest purple jingge), after parking, you have to climb about a kilometer to get to the mountain, and climb up the scenery is very general, more covered by the trees, not worth going. We drove from the hotel at the entrance of the scenic spot at about 3 pm (the accommodation is so-so, but the food is delicious, especially the pepper-fried meat), and we saw five observation decks in less than an hour and a half, then climbed the regrettable Yaozhai and Zijingge. But finally regret, I saw a online beforehand that the nearby Zhenglong Ancient Village is very good, so Baidu navigation drives, all the way is a small road, steep and curved and narrow, some places are still under construction, a few times suspected that Baidu guide was wrong, and asked the villagers, Baidu is really right. Finally, it was difficult to drive to see a very ordinary village, except for some houses, two short bridges slightly some characteristics, other no tourist atmosphere, no tourists. The plaque is indeed said to be "China's most beautiful countryside", but also "Eat in the dragon", but at present really still too far, but also to plan and build. In recent years have encountered many such over-propaganda, truth does not match the small attractions, very gullible feeling, seriously hurt the feelings of tourists.
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Geological Sites
天涯游玩人Meishan Longgong is a large karst cave group, which is composed of karst cave, canyon, peak forest, cliff, stream, funnel and dark river. It has nine layers caves and is over 2870 meters in length. The tour route has been developed 1896 meters, including 466 meters long the world rare mysterious underground river. The whole cave house is divided into Longgong Yingbin, Bishuilian Palace, Jade Emperor Heaven Palace, Longgong Xianyuan, Longgong Customs, Longfeng present six scenic spots.
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Famous Residences
M17***83Well worth going, but you need to ask the instructor to explain, otherwise a lot of history does not understand, Zeng Guozhao's spirit is worth learning a lot, after hearing the explanation, many things suddenly opened up. Although the weather is very hot, it does not stop people from gathering here from all sides! [View] [Cost-effective]
87 Reviews
gz当地向导伊妹儿Daxiongshan National Forest Park natural oxygen bar, the air is fresh, natural, pure natural natural scenery, interesting, cost-effective, feel very good, cost-effective, comfortable temperature.
111 Reviews
M49***20Overall suitable for children from 3 to 6 years old, but the propaganda does not match the actual situation. There is no sea lion show. The timing of the experience course is unreasonable. Since you have charged the child's experience fee in the ticket, you should try to arrange the whenever you want. The interval between each experience lesson is too long. Not a day to experience it all and the kids have limited energy to improve the service
133 Reviews
Geological Sites
gz当地向导伊妹儿The scenery of Lijiang National Geopark is too beautiful and beautiful. It is a beautiful sight to see. It is refreshing and refreshing. It is very interesting and it feels the natural scenery.

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Former Residence of Zeng GuofanLoudi,China

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About Loudi

Located in the central part of Hunan Province, Loudi City is a major town for steel, energy, minerals, and chemicals. It is also an important railway hub in Hunan Province. Loudi is one of the three main ancestors of the Chinese nation. It is the hometown of Chi You, the God of War, and one of the main birthplaces of Huxiang Culture. Loudi has a long history. The city is home to the former residence of the famous Qing Dynasty statesman Zeng Guofan, and buildings that he built, such as the Siyun Pavilion, have been preserved. There are also tourist attractions such as Meijiang Scenic Area, Boyue Cave Scenic Area, the Luoyang Bay Ancient Buildings, and the Shuifu Temple Reservoir.

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26 Oct, 2021 Loudi Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 71%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:38/17:53
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