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Guiyang Taoyuanhe Sceneic AreaNearby City

Guiyang Taoyuanhe Sceneic Area

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Open from 8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"One summer is definitely going to play with water! This summer treasure of Guiyang people to play with water, June 15 rafting started! The water adventure officially opened! Bring friends to dash! - Taoyuan River Scenic Area in Guiyang, the whole area can not only play happily, the scenery here is also really beautiful. Summer here is called the Amazon jungle in Guizhou, there are mountains, water and waterfalls are the national AAAA class tourist attraction mountain jungle of the original natural scenery unlimited! There is a tour bus in the scenic area, which is very convenient! Along the way, we saw the 48-meter drop cascade waterfall, Pearl Beach, Snail Pond, Jade Female Drain Falls, and suspension bridge. The eyes are full of clear mountains and water, the canyon is quiet, the air is fresh, it is really a natural oxygen bar! And the photo is more than a film along the way! ! Go and play, don't forget to take beautiful pictures! -[One ticket to play: buy a rafting ticket to play the whole Taoyuan River scenic spot!! -[About rafting: 2 people a boat, from the beginning to the end is 10 kilometers, the drop is 192 meters, it will be 3 hours, really worth it! The first half is a passion rafting, with a thrilling, exciting rafting experience; the second half is a leisure rafting, can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taoyuan River leisurely on the kayaking! The river is almost natural, only the rafting channel is repaired near the very fast waterfall, the other sections are original riverways, the water quality is very clean! There are also snack bars on both sides of the whole rafting to buy water and snacks to replenish your strength! But it is recommended to bring it yourself! There are safety officers on the shore all the way, the safety factor is very high! Luggage is 10 directly from the starting point to the end. If you want to return to the starting point, there is a free bus & business car at the end. Pick up and return to the rafting starting point - rafting finishing point and [Small train/Taoyuanhe Water Park], the water park is quite big, open on June 25th, See big trumpet slide, large water village, etc. , the rides are complete. - Tickets: 168/Zhang (June 16-6Month 30 Price of Preferential Price Normal Sales Price: 188/Workday, 220/Weekend (including return car in Kayaking Drifting Scenic Area) - Note tips: bring ID card into the park / buy a ticket. Remember to bring toiletries and change clothes, shoes, Slippers and sandals are best. Sunscreen must be taken! · Slippers, waterproof bags are sold on the spot. You can bring your own snacks to replenish your physical strength. Children 1.3 meters can't play rafting. It is recommended that it is best to go to play at noon, the water will be cold later in the afternoon. Driving to the parking lot. One day is enough to play - ground Address: Taoyuan River Magic Drifting Self-driving: Around the time from Guiyang - Guizhou · Guiyang · #Taoyuan River Scenic Area [Place] # - Little Travel Land Guiyang Travel Guiyang Tourism Little Tourist Land Guizhou Travel Guizhou Travel Raiders Guizhou Zi Driving | Good weekend for summer vacation | Little Nature Spot | Guiyang Surrounding | Guiyang Weekend"