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Maple ParkNearby City

Maple Park

4.8/5102 Reviews
Open from 9:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"First of all, the staff is very enthusiastic, basically answer questions, and also consider for others; the scenery is very beautiful, very good, and very quiet, there are few people; The sightseeing car is basically a car for ten minutes. It is very convenient and timely. The masters will inform their colleagues in their work group immediately when they see that there is no car. It is very intimate. I hope to improve the place: The scenery is beautiful in the picnic area, the service is also very good, that is, the picnic place at 12:30, the result is that the food is good for more than 1:30 packages. Some things are not available, it is understandable, because it is written according to the scenic spot. But the tent area written in the package is a bit out of practice for 2 hours. If I know that I can sit there for free, I can bring my own snack \(◎o◎)/! Perhaps it was written to attract tourists, but it was a bit of a scam to see that it was free to rest there; I have two tickets for the scenic spot in this package. I have seen it before, but I can only brush the tickets when I swipe them. The staff says that there is only one ticket, so I bought a sightseeing car and a ticket for I came back at night and saw it. I have bought an extra ticket, oh, How much is uncomfortable 😔 Although the money is not too much, but it still feels imperfect. Finally, I hope that there will be more facilities, and there will be less supporting facilities, but the overall feeling is OK, you can take a tent to stay for a day, it still feels good. Give a few pictures of slag, and you can't take that beautiful picture."