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In fact, the national park is almost at the southernmost tip of the island. If it is a novice, the individual is not very recommended to ride a motorcycle. Because there are many ups and downs, especially the road that arrives quickly, it is basically continuous and steep. For those who ride bicycles, I really can only admire the next. We asked for directions twice in a row, saying that there were still ten kilometers. The result was not even for a long time... It was so easy to toss for more than an hour, and finally went to the door, and even charged, even if the motorcycle had to be charged... Tickets 200B / People, motorcycle 20B...
water clear sky blue, in fact, there are several high-end resorts near the National Park, the environment is pretty good, but it is sparsely populated. In other words, interested friends can put the elephant and the national park on the same day, because there is a good elephant camp at the entrance of the park. After all, the southern end of the island is not close, there is no need to run two.
Posted: 21 Dec, 2018
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Net red punch card point photo pose sharing, warm parent-child photos like this simpler found this quiet island in Phuket, no one is crowded, no need to line up for photos, niche tourist attractions let us play more time. Light is the nest, let me play with the small meat bag, and also through the bird's nest to discharge these beautiful photos of parents and children. Record a warm parent-child moment. How can I take a photo of a beautiful child? I have the intention to share: 1, and the baby's style of dressing as much as possible, do not want a sporty style, a lady style, save a similar style will make the picture more warm. Of course, you can choose parent-child, but don't choose fancy. 2, just let the baby play normally, let the photographer catch the shot, and some moments will make you feel surprised. 3, communicate with your baby: "We all do the same thing, see who is doing better, can it?" Normal baby will readily accept. Then you can unify a movement with him, such as facing the photographer, or holding hands together, or let the baby kiss yourself, ha, the effect is OK? 4, good at using props to make different movements, standing, holding, sitting, squatting....... 5, choose a good background, make photos more full 6 Photographic equipment is also very important. The effects of wide-angle and fixed-focus are different. Most of the photos are shot with fixed focus, which makes people stand out more. haha, have you got it? Thanks to my little model small meat bag, what?
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